You know who we talking about

Peace to yall ////////


And all you have to do is to not pay any attention to it, but apparently you have even created a thread to criticise his actions which essentially brings your actions down to the same level as that person. He cannot force you to accept his beliefs, so why scream so much about a non-issue and create a mountain out of an anthill. If you consider him intolerant, then you are the same as well, as you similarly have hard time accepting his beliefs and are triggerred by his words. Just ignore and do your thing. If you don’t pay attention to it, the thread will automatically go down and you won’t nedd to look at it anyways.


What is this drama going around

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Never mind brother. Just remember to be tolerant of other’s beliefs and respectful of others in this community. I don’t think you have a problem doing that, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

@Rocky99th If you see an issue with what someone posts, whether it’s disrespectful or unnecessary and off-topic to a particular discussion, please do flag the post-the admin and the mods will look into it. Don’t further give unnecessary attention to what is being posted. Thanks!

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