You know, it's life

Posting this here too after a long time.
Hey everyone, if someone still remembers me it’s gonna be a year since I joined the forum next month, so that’s great, just wanted to do an update you could say.
Quite frankly, don’t know what I’m doing with my life, I remember when I started this I was so pumped up and excited, and it was so easy the first weeks, and then it was a downfall of feeling terrible, and now I’m indifferent.
I know what I want for my life, just don’t see how I’ll get there, I guess you need to not plan out so much your life.
For anyone that’s new here I’m not the best at maintaining a streak but some tips for you are:

  • Quite honestly don’t have social media or use it barely.

  • Definitely don’t have as friends people that upload stuff that could trigger you and mess with you and don’t follow pages that upload that stuff.

  • It’s normal to have wet dreams after some days of not doing it.

  • You may feel crappy, but the best thing is to have a goal, fight for it, it can be someone, it can be just that you want to be a better you, whatever it is, stick to it, always check on it and once the temptation goes down after several days it’ll be easier to reach that goal.

  • I would say having people that support you and check on you it’s pretty vital.

  • Forgot to say, keep yourself busy, always.

That’s all, sorry if it’s long, happy Thanksgiving to people from the USA and outsiders.