You don't wanna read this if u relapse easily

Ok. Don’t be alarmed . Im on DAY 69. Lol there are people here who will get offended and say even the number 69 is triggering, so the disclaimer:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Alright. Im gonna give an insight into my experience. No superhuman powers. But hacks that will get you through ( if ur just starting).

  • Firstly, No. Nofap Doesn’t give superpowers
  • But it did help me discipline myself. So credit goes to nofap
  • First 15 days are the hardest. Dunning krueger effect kicks and you will relapse if care is not taken
  • Don’t count days but focus on changes you discover everyday. If you are on day 10 and you enjoy music better or feel energetic, you are way better than a guy on day 200 without benefits you are seeing. So QUALITY of the streak my friend, not the length matters.
  • Don’t relapse giving excuses of exams, stress or tough days. They will be there whether you like it or not. Your nofap streak must run independent of those factors. DON’T ASSOCIATE
  • "I have taken my streak personal. Giving up is shameful to me. So many people have seen me on the forum. If I lose, il lose their respect". Whenever I feel like relapsing. I talk to myself these lines. They fuckin work
  • Lastly, fear nothing except but going back to day 0
  • My next goal is 90 but I will still make everyday count

Nofap is easy. If you make it


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