You are a Millionaire. Explore Yourself

Write about yourself…
Your dreams and ambitions.
Your Strengths and Weaknesses.
Your Past. Your Bad phase in Life…Reason of Your NOFAP journey
Your Whole Life Essay…
Reply with more than 100 words.

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My dream is to have a happy life with no room for disappointment or sadness.
My ambition is to become a Govt. Officer.

My Strength is Nofap & my weakness is fap.

My past was briallant before i turned 14.
My bad phase in life is from 2012 to 2016. Realy depressed & illness. Lived life like a paralysed man.
Reason for my nofap journey : Nofap cured my all diseases so i am doing hard mode for good health. I believe that hard mode can make me a genious one day. I will be like god living among normal humans. An extraordinary man who tames sexual energy which is not possible for 99% of population.

To Break my 26 yrs of life into 2 parts in which i was a genious in first part ( 0 to 14 yrs) and a retarded man in 2nd part ( 14 to 26 yrs)

I am hoping a great journey to be coming in part 3rd of my life



My strength is patience, and not giving up.

Weakness is I am shy, and meek and sometime I like to stay in my comfort zone.

My past is, I was an average student and was doing well… Till I started fapping.

From class 9 I started fapping. I loved to fap, but it simply ruined me. Destroyed my self confidence, my energy… everything, turned me into a pervert. But, still I was maintaining a fake facade and was going well…

But, everything turned upside down from 2015 when my father was diagnosed with dialysis and later in 2016 I lost him. I am a failure, I was a failure, it was all due to me. I graduated from college in 2016 and gave over 30 interviews but didn’t clear any. But, I didn’t come back empty-handed. I gained loads of confidence.

Later in 2016 I realized that it was all due to pmo. I must stop this habit once and for all and to channelise this energy inwards.

This is reason why I started doing NO-FAP.