Yoga to fight desire | Apana Vayu in Brahmacharya

The type of yoga is called “Apana Vayu”. This kind of “pranayam” or yoga benefits to strengthen your lower abdominal along with reproductive organ. Plus it cleanse your mind from exciting thoughts. Do this 3 times a day and before sleep to prevent wet dream and morning wood.
Process: Exhale all air from lungs completely, contract your belly and take your naval back towards the spinal cord and at the same time try genitals pulling upwards. Try to hold this position 3 sec max. Repeat this 3 times in between minimum of 1 minute break.
You can also try Yogamudrasana and Brahmacharyasana along with this.
Brahmacharya (Celebacy) in hinduism teaches us how to diet, which category of yoga and the ways of life which can help us sublimate (not suppress) and harness sexual energy to higher consciousness and succeed in our career.
“Om nama bhagabate, mahabale parakramaye,
Manobhilashitam manah, stamva kuru kuru swaha”


You mean this all is done while in laying position… Right…


I’ve been doing this for a long time, I saw this in an Instagram short about 1 year ago, I didn’t know the name of the process though. I have also been practicing ashwini mudra whose name also I came to know just a few days back, it is also almost similar.

No, cross legged sitting position


You have been posting after 3 years!
Where were you?

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