Yo, come look at this

Get a load of this fucking idiot


Quora is filled with idiots with having multiple upvotes on their answers. I stopped reading it years ago.


I agree with @raushan stay away from Quora.


Yeah you are right, i dont know why it even exist

Never search for symptoms in quora, i went to depression after reading the posts, thinking that i have very bad disease


It’s kind of like Reddit but more boring. Also, people can post there some graphic content to “light up” their answers and state their points of view or just getting more upvotes by doing so. You won’t see that kind of behavior very often - but it exists.

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And even some dude says that nofap starts as a “joke by religious antisex” what the frick?

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Initially when it was new it was good. Many of the people were renowned scientists and astrologers, business persons. Quality was good. But it started deteriorating as it became popular. I see same happening with Medium.


If you wish to ask scientific questions, try stack exchange. Not Quora-you get social media and triggers there, but not really good info.


I saw some people on this forum also bullshitting about being gay because they think they started fantasizing about men because they watched gay porn…m gay and just like straight people i knew it for ever…m neither feminine nor sissy it’s just that i feel more comfortable with a man while sharing the emotions…m not against nofap because i wouldn’t have been here if i were against it…m just against those people who are fuelling up an already misunderstood concept…otherwise here is the most wisest bunch of folks i have ever seen

I think any q & a site popular enough tend to deteriorate in quality. Earlier on stackoverflow users were like creator of python programming language. And the moderators were strict enough to not allow low quality questions. But now there are posts like how to write Hello World in C.

Quora had tag mechanism. It was a q & a for any kind of questions.

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Everyone has their own viewpoint, we can not force someone to do anything, and neither can we change someone’s viewpoint until they wish themselves to change it. We know how beneficial no fap is, that’s why we are practicing it, no matter what anyone thinks, we know we are on the right path, this is what that matters :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


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