Yitzchak's Diary

The start of a new journey.
This year, I’ve really had my trials and errors. I’ve stumbled but have not fallen. Today I was scared. And my errors made me realize my issues.
I can only trust in God to help me.
I’m on my way home…


Day 3
The past three days have been interesting. Lately I’ve been driving around, exploring areas for future purposes. Quite exciting.
I’ve had thoughts that I can’t seem to shake. But today, a brother of mine shared with me an audio which made me realize what I’m doing.
“Owner vs Victim” by Steve Chandler.
It’s incredible. All the things a victim does, was basically what I do. And yet I still try to shake it. As if I can’t figure out the last piece of the puzzle.
At least my mind can get distracted. So far no relapse.


Day 7
I managed to beat 7 days. I really feel good about this. Usually it’s that first week which is the hardest. But I think I can do this.
I just need to catch up on reading some advice sent to me.


Day 12
I woke up alright. But I made the mistake of going back to sleep. Unfortunately, I think that did something which caused a bit of semen leakage. I felt sticky throughout the morning and I had two classes to attend. Thankfully, it went well.
I thank the Lord for keeping me going.

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