Yeagerist's daily log

I’m using this diary as a daily log. I don’t seem to be able to remain accountable all by myself alone. I’m resetting the streak up to 3 times a day it’s laughable i can’t reach even one day alone. The problem is i know it’s me who keeps coming back i know i can quit it but i keep using it as a coping strategy for everything when im sad when im empty when im angry etc. I just want to stop because it’s making everything literally worse in my life.


Day 0
No matter how much i relapse i won’t quit and accept this…


I relapsed again… so day 0 again lol not even making it to day 1 so pathetic


Bruh let’s sucide together


@darwaish lol i feel like it sometimes but it’s not a solution bro


You are a yeagerist , the devotee of Eren Yeager. Eren knew his death is near and still fought till his death.

Eren Yeager saw your future , You will not die early. But it doesn’t matter. Weak will have more than decades of his life and still remains addicted.

But it only require this moment for a strong man to be free from this trash. You have no control over the past , You have no idea about the future , But you are a devoted yeagerist in the present and Yeagerist dont give up.

Look at Floch’s fight before his death. Having the courage to fight seeing death in front of his face.


@The_Rising_One True bro, a yeagerist will fight till the end. That’s what i liked about Floch, even though some hated him, i admired how unwavering he was when it came to his own belief of what’s right. I just need to focus more on the present. After many relapses, I’m currently on day 2. I appreciate your encouragement.


You can overcome, brother!

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