Y'all. Help. Please

No format no nothing I just need help.
I feel like thowing up and crying and my body is weak. My anxiety is all over the place but I can’t let any emotions out. Crying is really hard for me I don’t know why. I don’t know what to do


I understand. Crying is hard for me too.
Just tell yourself its okay. Just focus on one minute at a time. What’s the very next thing you have to do? Just focus on that. Don’t think about anything else. And pray for help doing it.



You need a smile from another
To help you my young brother.

The torture you feel
Seems extremely unreal
But my ancient sorrow is what you feel.

You let me out
From a dark cloud of clout
So let my rhyme
Give you time
So you can be free throughout.

Your life is so precious
In God’s eyes and in ours
Let’s see your greatness become relentless
Within the next 60 hours.

Put focus on something new
Whether it be good news, rainbow shoes,
Or something to make you snooze.

My new job has helped me see
There’s more to life than sexuality

It’s time to think about happy things
For Thanksgiving is near
Remember of things that make you want to sing.
And it is clear
You need me here
As you are drowning in your own tears.

Remember the devil brings fear
And God brings cheer.
Let me try
With my poetic rhyme
To get you out of this dungeon here.


@ChristianMan hope you’re feeling better now?

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Brahh now you are fine,otherwise if you feel like this just hit me uppp we can talk because sharing problem well decrease your stress aswell it decrease anxiety cuz I’m also the one who face this thing sometimes


Try writing everything down on a book. No matter how many pages it takes, write every problem you got, everything you hate, everything you despise, how shit you’re feeling. Every fucking negative emotion should be on it. Then just look at how much you wrote and throw it away. It’ll help calm u down


Hey. I think meditation might just be the thing for you for anxiety and emotions coz you will feel fulfilled/satisfied/free because of this meditation.

The meditation that im going to share with you, i’ve done it for more than a year almost daily (99%).

First just watch the introduction video. Then decide weather you want to do the meditation video or not. Ok?

Dont look up or look down on the person telling you about the meditation, otherwise you will miss it completely. Ok?

Introduction: An Introduction to Isha Kriya by Sadhguru - A Free Guided Meditation - YouTube
Meditation: Isha Kriya: A Guided Meditation For Health And Wellbeing | 15-Minutes - YouTube

And for your body feeling weak you need to start working out or maybe go out somewhere close to nature for some substantial time.

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Is there is a dream that you want to accomplish and still waiting for it …i can imagine that can cause huge anxiety …if that or any other problem i advise you to search for solution instead of focusing on the problem.

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Brother I know how you’re feeling… Even I have gone through that time lot of times. More you’re around people more you’ll safe.
Try to socialize as much as you can… By the time everything will be fine. (I know it’s easy to say then doing it) for that hardest phase I will be there for you. You can share anything you want( I won’t judge anyone).

You’re son of Christ(you only said that). So, never think that no one is there to help you.
God always be there for his sons and daughters. He can’t see you cry.
If you can’t do it for yourself… Do it for him.

I hope you’ll fine… soon by time.
Lots of brothers love by my side :slightly_smiling_face:

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