Xelcu7: March - Beginnings Anew

Hello everyone. It’s been a while. Last fall, something happened to me, and I didn’t have the strength or energy to continue this. It still isn’t fun to talk about, and I don’t want to bring myself down in this attempt at starting again.

For the mods: To be clear, I do have a second diary entry, but I would appreciate keeping this one separate. If necessary, the old one can be closed, but it just has too many bad memories for me to pick it back up.

It helped me to have clear and defined goals last time, so I want to do that again:

  1. I want to aim at writing an entry in here every day. Sometimes they will be short, sometimes they will be longer. I know that, inevitably, I’ll miss some days, so while I will make an effort to write an entry every day, I want to make sure I write at least 5 entries out of every 7 days.
  2. Community and involvement are difficult for me, so I want to respond to one other person’s threat at least once a day. Again, life happens, and I will have to miss stuff sometimes, but I’ll measure myself based on the 5 responses a week.
  3. Also, to make sure I keep myself genuinely involved with the community as a whole, I want to reply to one new person a week.

This is essentially my “Day 0” post, and I’ll start to explain more about myself, my reasons for this, and the nuances of my own journey tomorrow. For now, goodnight.

Day 0


It’s 1st of March, so we have the entire spring and summer ahead. This is the best time to create the streak and time of our lives!!