Wtf is this withdrawal or unrelated

Day 18. I felt so depressed today just thinking about my future and i just want to get a move on with my life. Anyways the point is that my brain is so cluttered and i have more anxiety than I did before no fap. It’s so hard because I feel like my brain without that dopamine hit is just going crazy.

Stay Hard man !
Last night Inwas about to relapse,I controlled and latrr I was about to result having nightfall but somehow I woke.
Keep patience.
I have my univ exams in 3-4days haven’t read much.
I am depressed too.
But hope that things will become good.
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No your brain is recovering from the addiction its after many days of patient that you get rid of the anxiety and other things in your life, but first you must be patient and realise that you are addicted to something that you have conditioned your brain to live with and now you have to deal with life without that easy dopamine shot, and your brain will trick you and make you want to give up but you must be aware of those tricks if not you fail alot

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There is all withdrawals symptoms, Check it out for more Infomation.