Wrong Reward ? Biggest Cause of PMO trap

Yes, We give wrong reward to ourselves after achieving some days in our nofap journey. Suppose you are beginner in nofap and just started your journey. It would be very difficult to control the urges for a beginner so he/she start with some target day such as 7 day target, 21day target or 30 or 90 days target but after achieving the goal they give wrong reward to their self.

at the last target date urges are very high of achiever and he/she want more pleasure to do ejaculation after long time - So he/she choose the porn - the most pleasurable way for ejaculation and again he/she get into the trap of PMO.

I think counting days is just for motivation purpose and you are not doing it for anyone else - you are doing it for yourself. So choose the right reward after achieving your targeted days not to watch porn.

I hope you got the point.

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