Would like to share your experiences?

Hi dear companions,

Everyone goes through some or other phase of transformation in his/her life.
These experiences have great impact on one’s attitude and self-esteem. They can give a great lesson to us.

Do share your experiences, if you have gone through the below phases:

CAN I DO IT? :arrow_right: LETS DO IT.:arrow_right:I DID IT!

Hope your experience inspire us and make us learn new ideas to improve.

Thanks a lot.



I’m not sure if my this experience can count into what you’ve said

However in the image it was quite a question to be solved. I never thought I could solve it. Given that I’ve always been bad at mathematics I legit thought this was impossible to solve.
But after thinking with full focus and dedication for about 25 minutes my mind yielded and I got the answer. Never been so proud of myself :grin:
PS - I’m still afraid of math, but trying to be friends with it


Most of the people stay in their comfort zone and don’t see their potential that they can do big things too. We are much stronger and smarter than we think. We always face such situations where we doubt ourself that Can I really do it?
Around 1 month ago , I was stuck in chaser effect of PMO badly. I started doubting myself that I can’t quit this addiction. I have failed more than 100 times while trying to quit porn in last 2 years. Now In my current streak , I already considered myself free from porn because I know I can do it. I am currently on day 24 and I already feel like I really did it this time. I have no urges to go back to PMO world. I don’t want to open a porn site and just start jerking off anymore.


I will try me best. Heres my story

Long story so requesting your patience

  • Most of my crucial aspects that transformed my life involved a girl/girls. You either end up with the right girl or you learn. In my case I learnt tons of things.

#1 Getting rejected by my school sweetheart - I was 16. Only girl I ever loved in my entire life till then. She proposed me, and rejected me. (2013)

So what did I learn?

  • People can be unpredictable and Love blinds you for real sometimes.
  • Learnt how to overcome jealousy (not totally) and discovered a thing called HATE (For her ofcourse)

#2 By the end of college, A girl was interested in me. She fell for me. I was lonely, desperate etc. I accepted it out of those things. But it ended badly. As college finished. I ghosted her. I vanished. (2015)

What did I learn?

  • Learnt I could cheat. I felt shame. I realised I was a coward. For the first time in life I loathed myself.
  • Still I didn’t learn my lesson

#3 Took my entrance tests lightly (2015)
Which caused me to take a year off

What did I learn?

  • Not to fuck around with Your career. Period

#4 A love triangle (2019-2020). I was in a relationship. But I didn’t quite love her. In the mean time I discovered someone else who was compatible with me and surprisingly loved me back too. But long story short. Both relationships failed.

What did I learn?

  • You cannot build anything without honesty. Maybe it be love or anything in life
  • Karma is real. You get what you give. I took the other girl for granted initially. I fell for her and it was too late
  • Cheating, taking someone for granted, Not putting your heart into what you do cause destruction of relationships


  • I am alone. Not lonely though. I have never been so peaceful. I am working on myself. Important thing in life is if you can’t love yourself first, how can you love someone else?
  • Right now, I wanna be best version of myself by practicing nofap, socializing, eating, sleeping, working out better.
  • Ultimately, I Have learnt that people come and go in your life cuz its supposed to be that way. They teach us alot. So instead of hating. Learn and let go.
    Be grateful to the past and hopeful of future

@JumpingBuddha thanks for letting me share


Thank you for sharing your valuable experience.
Really appreciate it.

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