Worshipping Mind or Body

Recently we had Saraswati Puja(Goddess of Education, Arts etc). I don’t know in other parts of India, how it’s celebrated. But in my state it’s celebrated with utmost pride and delight. Puja mandaps are built within each colony. Generally, people come out of their houses and visit all the possible pandals. I too planned with my friends but atlast had to back out. The reason was nothing superficial but very deep to atleast me. The reason?
In this day, generally couples make their debut in the pandals with all of their over colourful clothes, precious jewels. In short, the festival of education becomes more a day of show off. And I hate this. Because a day where you should be known by the world by your education and humbleness, people are busy in portrayal of their caged body. I never got the concept. I am quite firm about my view point. But would still like to know how many of you agree or disagree and the reasons behind it.


I really don’t know what Vasant Panchami stands for except it is the starting of spring season and in ancient times children were enrolled in schools on this day, but i know that this day we do Saraswati Puja and all Maa Saraswati stands for is Sattva and perhaps that’s why we eat yellow rice on that day…and wearing jewels and being a show off clearly doesn’t come under sattva unless u wore it because u liked it and not for really showing off…i go with ur view but should have gone into the pandals and do what is traditional and needful and come out peacefully


I don’t think show off is necessary. We are just supposed to wear new clothes so that we feel fresh, and my mother asked me to recite saraswati mantra for as many times as possible. The main essence of such occasions should be that you feel good.


Thanks bro for enriching me. I too thought to visit the pandals but got pulled back due to the same reason. Though, I didn’t forgot to offer my prayers to Ma Saraswati at the same time. I have an idol of her in my home and I worshipped it with all the known traditions to me. :pray:
Thanks for your kind comment.

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