Woods in the morning

I am not feeling attracted to real women and I am not getting erections at all. Damn it !! I am afraid of impotence at this point. Anybody else flatlining?

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Hey man, I know exactly what you’re going through, the last time I relapse was because of the flatline, so hang on and wait for it to pass. It may take time, but be strong, your brain is going through withdrawal and will be fine soon.

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To myself : Dude, fucking man up. You are still relapsing one year from now.

You are still impotent and would probably die like this if you DO NOT go FULL INTO SUFFERING.


This ED is self created.

This is just a Flatline…have been through and after 45days you should be absolutely fine and infact better than earlier…Body will restore itself…just believe and have patience.

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