Witnessing my journey

Hello guys
I have been struggling from porn and mastrubation , gaming and youtube
It’s my fault of not having self control and friends
But cant neglect that these things are designed in such a way that they keep u hooked
I’m happy that I dont have instagram
Tried quitting one at a time
But one thing lead to relapse of other
It’s as if I m finding escapism
Just had a thought
When a drug addict goes for recovery
Does the doctor suggest to go for lighter drugs ???:sweat_smile:
Another self of me says it will be impossible to quit all of these at once so take one at a time and in the end I fail in all
So an yt suggestion is welcomed
Plus I have thought to give try to quitting all at once
So no more Netflix, youtube or gaming or porn or mastrubation
Just a cheat day is allowed to watch movie in theater that’s it
So let’s goo…


I don’t know about drugs but smoking addicts are suggested to replace cigarettes with nicotine tabs or vaping. For drug addiction, they replace that habit with new activities. I think the same goes for all the habits you mentioned above, you need to replace those with alternative activities to keep you entertained otherwise it’s impossible to just cut off everything at once. You can start reading your favourite book, start writing, dancing, play music, etc. The list goes on but whatever you do make sure you get something out of it whether it be knowledge, skills, or anything of that holds some value.

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