Withdrawal symptoms?

Can anyone please give me an insight about withdrawal symptoms?

my head hurts. and I am always tired.

I think i am more tired after a sex or masturbation session.

Rewiring of brain and Reboot has many effects. One must endure the pain in silence and have patience.

‚óŹCommon withdrawal symptoms include
‚óŹInsomnia and other sleep difficulties
‚óŹAnxiety, stress and other forms of fear
‚óŹHeadaches and pains and stiffness in muscles, ‚óŹjoints, teeth, jaw, genitals and other parts of the body
‚óŹFatigue and weakness
‚óŹDepression, despair and other forms of sadness
‚óŹLack of Focus / attention / concentration (brain fog)
‚óŹMood Swings
‚óŹFrustration, irritability, annoyance, short-temperedness and other forms of anger
‚óŹFlu, nausea, fever and other forms of sickness
‚óŹLittle or no libido, flatline (Can take days to manifest, and last a long time)
‚óŹPornographic flashbacks and sexual dreams
Horniness, sexual cravings, sexual thoughts and urges to use porn and/or masturbate
‚óŹDesire to avoid socializing

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