Withdrawal help

Hello everyone,

Finally i made it to the Forum of this wonderfull App, now to my Problem.

I started nofap like 6 months ago or even more cant rly tell but something like this. In the begin i failed like everyone alot could Not stand a single Day. Anyways fast Forward i learned from my relapses and become more Disziplin every time.
Even my Main Problem PIED which i was scared as fuck is pretty much cured.

After all this crap behind me i started to have small streaks without Problemes. But something happend.

From out of nowhere i got crazy anxiety and Panic attack on work so that i even got to the Hospital to Check if all is ok with me.
They didnt found something iam healthy.

Already found some about this thematic like u can See in the title , for me it looks like my Brain craves dopamine ? Like before on PMO?
Anyways today i relapsed i could Not stand the anxiety and Fear i know its sad i was doing so good.

Need help i want to overcome this axienty and Panic attacks its horrible and effects my Life alot it has to Stop iam very thankfull for any advice you guys can give me.
Sorry for english its Not my Main.

Your Brother Dane.


Hey man, welcome to the community! Glad to have you join us :slightly_smiling_face:

In terms of your question, it seems very distressing. I have had anxiety myself, but not to the degree with which you had it and I have never had a panic attack. So I can’t speak with much authority on this subject, I’ll let someone else give you more definitive answers on that.

But if I was in your shoes, I might consider going to see a therapist or life coach. Consider what may be causing the anxiety, if it truly is just coming at you at random or you know what is causing it but you feel helpless to its attacks, then maybe you would benefit from getting professional help as I mentioned.

In terms of managing minimal to moderate anxiety, I usually practice mindfulness techniques and running. Mindfulness could entail breathing meditation or it could include writing out your thoughts and getting to the bottom of them, as I like to do. Taking up running is also a great way to relieve long-term anxiety and clear your head.

But again, I am not much experienced with intense anxiety or panic attacks, so what I said above is about as much as I can offer in terms of advice. Just thought I’d write it here since others hadn’t responded yet.

However, if you are interested in hearing more about any of my strategies for reducing anxiety that I mentioned, feel free to ask and I can answer in-depth.

Good luck man, I hope you find a swift solution to this issue :+1:


Welcome brother… You have come to right place.

During 2nd & 3rd week of hard mode… Anxiety & all the problems comes in front of you. It happens with me too.

We are learning to face our problems, issues, emotions, anxiety, fear etc.

What i do in this situation is
I blindly put my trust in nofap.
I keep my brain aside.
I suffer the withdrawal.
Because i know i am not going to die.
Why ?
This is Healing.
This is Test.

Let the Rewiring begin.
Let the healing begin.
Let go of insecurity.
Pass the Test.
Have faith.
Suffer and Rise on the other side.

To change yourself into your best version… you have to kill your lesser self… in the process of killing … suffering happens… dont worry… it is for your betterment… Trust the process… Have Faith… Next time… when this happens… talk to me privately…


Thanks for the Kind words from you both :clap:
Before i See a Doctor for this i try meditate First,
Just started meditateing and found out its really good to Calm down may it helps as long term Solution. Anyways i Start over again and try to trust the progress iam pretty sure its the healing progress what kicked in what makes this appear.
Also Thinking about hard mode since it was the best feeling also for me on recovery. Hope my GF has no Problem with this since my PIED is cured she wants it often but i feel it sucks my Power to much sex. Will Talk this out with her, anyways thanks guys you are great that was all i needed so far much sucess also to you my Brothers.