Wise Word said by NoFap Fighter

I’m going to be brutally honest here

Many of us, including me, aren’t doing the things we love, but are pressured to act and do certain things by our environment, social surroundings, society in general and just plain media. Personally, it sounds foolish and cringeworthy to constantly chase women instead of focusing on the things that really matter. Don’t you have a hobby, a family, a future, a goal, a dream? What’s the purpose of your life? Things that really matter are all in your hand and you choose to focus on women only? It should be the other way around! They should be chasing us! Stop caring so much and you’ll see the anxiety and stress drop completely. Smash it in the gym, at school and handle your family and friends with utmost care! Enjoy life in your own way, however, understand and look into the purpose of this life. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. Due to this fact many of us live controlled lives! Controlled by what? Our desires, social media and social pressure. I’m glad I learned this at a young age.

Happiness is in front of your eyes, but you refuse to grab it and feel pressured by the society we live in! Ofcourse the anxiety will hit the crap out of you.

Just my 2 cents.


Slaves of lust we are

Yeah. We are truly just slaves and puppets whom the “grand master/patron” can control. But yeah, if we can stand for ourselves, we won’t feel enslaved anymore.


We must break The Chains which are inside our hearts and minds by the power of nofap lifestyle.