Will my brain ever gain back its sharpness?

From last 5 years I’ve deeply stuck myself in PMO. Confusions anxiety depression is something I’ve identified with over the years. Now sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be reborn again. If I can regain that simplicity and easiness devoid of any confusions. I’ve loaded myself with tons of philosophical nonsense. Kindly share some inspiration real life experiences of benefits of no PMO. I’ll be highly indepted. I swear to God I won’t look back. I won’t relapse.


Simply put, absolutely, your brain can regain its sharpness. Most certainly. This is reported by many people who have successfully rebooted with streaks of 90 days and beyond.

I’m only on Day 56 by GOD’s Grace, and the changes are extraordinary. I was diagnosed with clinical depression in January 2018 and suffered from anxiety and high stress. I found that I had been living with these conditions for years and was unaware - they just seemed like normal life to me. But this was partly due to over a decade of addiction.

Today, I don’t feel any of those issues. My thoughts are more organized and free, my mood is light and happy; I feel at peace with myself and comfortable in my own skin once more, like when I was a child. Most definitely, there is hope for you as well. Everyone’s situation is different - it may take you less time to feel clarity or more time - but stick to this journey and you’ll be happily surprised at the changes you see.


My brain has gained its sharpness in just 30 days of hard mode.

1st step is … Belief.
2nd step is … Walking the Path.
And on the 3rd step… You shall receive it.

Seeds … Shown in ground & nurtured with water & sunheat… Time… small shoots of plant arise… Its called Law of Universe. It applies to all your thoughts… The seed is with you…

You just need hard work, patience & Time.

God heals all… The deeper you are in pain… The stronger… will be your Rise.