Will I ever recover?

I think I’m permanently destroyed.

No fap isn’t working.

No matter what I do, I fail.

I ask for help, and help is given.

This community is awesome.

I’m the one who will never succeed


What are you saying.? Are you failing in nofap or nofap isn’t working??

Yes. Thats what I’m saying. It isn’t working

What do you mean by “it’s not working”? What results are you expecting?

I want this addiction to be over with.

It never ends.

My life stress is connected to my addiction.

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Bro, it takes hugeee self-determination to get over this addiction. I have been in your boat many times where I just want to throw in the white towel but what is the point of giving up? It takes you nowhere. You don’t stop trying and no matter how much times you fail, you get back up stronger than before. Many successful engineers and designers have failed more times than the minutes in a week, and yet still, when they do manage to get a successful product out, it makes them huge profit. The reward for your efforts will be granted unto you soon bro. Get up, dust off yourself and go again


I dont have self determination or motivation.

I am demotivated.

I am lack of determination.

I am also addicted to my phone.


Firstly, change your mindset. Trust me, I know how you feel because I relapsed two days straight after a 17 days streak which was my longest. It is hard to get back on track but this is my Day 1 and I believe I can change by the grace of God. So should you believe you can change, then start to execute it


My friend, there are many people here who couldn’t even go a single day without damning themselves. It took them years to get there, working together and finally achieved upto 180 days streaks.

It TESTS you!! That’s what it does. That’s what it’s supposed to do. A champion becomes a champion only after he has been tested indefinitely. The same is happening with you.

I implore you to stay. Even if you fail multiple times, just stay and keep changing your strategy. Eventually you will develop a methodology as well as confidence to face the urges.


Well done! You figured out the problem. The phone Is the culprit. You can make the necessary changes.

  1. Arrange for your phone to be taken from you for a limited period of time. See if that works.

  2. Use an app blocker or phone lock to keep yourself away for a period of time.

See if those strategies work out.


I have a suggestion
Even my addiction is connected to phone addiction
So I’m planning to shift to talk time
Where no data is given
It may seem costly coz u dont get so much data and all
But if u use talk time wisely it will be cheaper
Check out talk time plans
And use data from hotspot that too when necessary
Now overcoming urges is difficult I get u
I relapsed back to back
Today I was stressed
Wanted to cry
Coz I felt I’m all alone
I have no friends(I do have but during that time unwanted thoughts pop up)
I needed the small rewards(dopamine)
That we get from tapping
So I ate a big bar of chocolate
Not a healthy substitute but still today it was necessary
Let’s take it one day at a time
I’m shifting to talk time sooner
Stay strong


I wouldn’t say I am in your position but last year’s start was a mess for me. I masturbated a lot and hear me out, “my falling streak” Was 11 days, i.e I fapped daily for 11 days. Then I decided not to do it and challenged myself. There was a YouTuber who challenged it’s viewers for 150 day No Fap challenge. I of course accepted it. The struggle was real in the beginning and I used to get really strong urges but I didn’t give up. Days passed, months passed but I kept walking towards the exit of this cave of addiction. And finally in March of 2021 I completed 1 year of NoFap! It was a great feeling :smile:

So it’s not impossible, if I can do it then you can too. it gets easier over time. Just stop fapping and start living!


Just wanted to add this

It gets easier when u start learning from your mistakes. U should recognize the triggers and avoid them completely. When streak becomes longer even the small unexpected things might become trigger. For eg. If u see a condom ad on tv. It might act as a trigger for your. The key here is to have faith and avoid searching or watching ang triggering content completely.


That’s a good point. Avoid watching 18+ adult shit, avoid insta thots, avoid watching sexual ads, even if you accidentally see such pornographic content on social media then don’t just keep staring at it, move on or shut down those tabs immediately.


It’s too hard.

Now I see that I will be relapsing forever.

Its your choice completely


If it was that easy we would be sitting home doing other important things. Its hard, i agree, but it’s hard for each one of us, we all have failed many times, but we chose not to give up, we chose to fight back, that’s how many of us suceeded. So i hope u choose wisely where do you want to be for the rest of your life- relapsing and saying it’s too hard for you to do it or taking charge of your life and break free from this prision.


If you think your unsalvageable it’s TRUE for you. Act as if your already at your goal of XYZ. It’s your choice I’ll leave you with this statement. Breath and focus on your goal truly focus.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


How do I learn for myself?

-Analyze the causes of your relapse -
-Triggers that are making you to relapse
-What do you do when u get the urges- simply wishing to overcome the urges or really doing something about it.
For eg: if u identified that mostly you are relapsing when are alone, u get the urges to surf porn and then u cant overcome the urges
Then the first step should be to stop watching porn and i mean any kind of pornographic content.
U should read easypeasy method book to overcome porn addiction.
When u overcome this addiction it will be a little easy for you. Then u make sure to engage in any other pleasure giving activities. It could be anything that makes you happy.
Bcoz u need dopamine when u are trying to overcome this addiction. Otherwise u will fail, u will feel miserable. So make it like when u reach 10 days u are eating something that u like, just reward yourself when u reach a certain milestone, give your brain dopamine but from a healthy source.
I hope it will help you in your journey.
All the best.