Will I devlope prostate cancer?

Yesterday I read an article of a person who is doing cellibacy fr years and he said one pf the major cause of cellibacy is prostate cancer if someone cellibates fr years . I am a little scared Can anyone help me out ?

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I don’t know about this, actually I also wanted to know the “truth” I hope anyone can tell. Because this has been a major reason of my relapses. When I got to 33 days streak last time , I found this article and relapsed due to my stupid fear

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No, because there are people who lived their whole life as a bhramachari like Steve Jobs(not his whole life but yeah he used to follow Nofap and did not developed any prostate cancer) , Shivananda, and many more. I believe that those articles are not true, something else must be the reason for prostate cancer.


Yeah bro , cancer has no definite cause actually. A person who ejaculates can also get prostate cancer.


Brother…prostrate cancer is just another type of cancer… it can be detected in anyone… it has nothing to do with NoFap or monk mode…

I am so much confident with my words and above thought… because it is written in our shastra’s and ayurvedha to adapt brahamcharya… even due to brahamcharya one will have very less risk to get any kind of disease… one who follow brahamcharya will develops an powerful immune system and many more incredible things… but yeah…brahamcharya is not about only semen retention…it is one of the habit in the brahamcharya lifestyle

Also now a days…medical science proves on some new theories are already exist in our ancient shastras(even in every religion)… you can see now a days how world is accepting the power of yoga and all that indian practices.

So brother… relax… if anyone of us have destiny of getting a cancer then nothing can stop it… it’s all God’s choice… but yeah… till then it is on us…how we are going to live our life…

Think about present…plan about future… but do jot think about things which are not in your hand… have faith in God.

All the best bro…


Yeah brother…you are right … You may find some people…who died because of liver cancer who never touch alcohol in their life…


Thank you so much bud


I agree with you…

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No! Don’t give yourself stupid excuses! Cancer is basically mutation occurring in the cells. Now tell me, how exactly does not ejaculating lead in any way to that?! The prostate is a gland that secretes various materials into the sperm ducts. It keeps doing it’s job if you ejaculate or not. It hasn’t been proven anywhere that ejaculating or not ejaculating affects the prostate in any sort of way. It makes zero sense!! Do not believe unscientific and unreasonable information, like not ejaculating will give you prostate cancer, you need to ejaculate regularly to stay healthy, semen build up is bad for you etc. Think for yourself if something makes sense and always get info from reputed and believable sources only.

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This guy is definitely lying. I myself have been with Hare Krishna sect for more than a year and they are extremely pro active. He says they don’t engage in exercises. I’ll tell you. When they do morning prayers and Arti, they dance like anything. They constantly keep jumping, it is an excellent cardio. While not on par with professional physical workout(which would involve diet and other things), the cardio is quite intense. Try doing morning arti everyday with them. If the people live in temple then in that case arti happens multiple times a day and they dance like anything. They even go for rallies on road and dance a lot. They are one of the busiest people I’ve ever seen. That is exactly why I couldn’t stay with them. I never had free time for myself. If anything, you could at least have a good night sleep. They are definitely physically more active than normal people working in office (and working out regularly in gym). This guy either is lying or is not aware of them (in both cases he’s an idiot).