Why you are doing this: here are 20 reasons>>>

dont stop the streak. the first days are the hardest, the demons going wilde making you forget. So herecis a reminder.

  1. self belife will return.

  2. Life will finelly have color

  3. your dopamine levels will normalize making everything more fun and exciting.

  4. after a month you feel like you are high.

  5. after a month people tell you you glow.

  6. you will be able to create connection with people. REAL CONNECTION

  7. the opposite of addiction isnt sobriety its connection. and the more you do it the more connection you have

  8. it can terminate depression as you wont feel alone.

  9. girls will look at you like never before. with hungry eyes. you wont understand why “am i not acting the same” but deep down you will know.

  10. instead of being anxious around people you will feel free and want to share your happiness

  11. you will grab opprotunities only high vibration man can manifest and catch.

  12. your body will be awaken - you wont have to think on “how to get her” cuz your body will all do it for you. it knows what to do.

  13. girls will “accidently” touch you, get closer into your personal space and laugh way more.

  14. you will be energized. no more sleepiness. tiredness.

  15. desire - you will start wanting things you never knew you wanted. suddently having goals.

  16. self control - you will learn how to control yourself.

  17. your muscles will grow way faster thanks to testustron.

  18. you will prevent hairloss way wayyyy more.

  19. you will slowly create strong friendships - because life will have more meaning you will automitcly search for people who are more awaken and investing in themselvs.

  20. You will have advantage over most other guys, by having extra confidance, brain activity, menifastation power, energy, attractiveness and.
    this will take time, but it will happen

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The thing that I don’t get is that what’s the hype about girls seemingly not being able to “resist” a fapstranaut ? What’s so special about this benefit? It’s kind of a low aim , to be able to only “get girls”. Girls are not everything in a man’s life. So why do I see atleast three benefits that relate to girls. This is rediculous! Being men We should focus on other things. Girls shouldn’t be the reason we start this thing because believe me, if they are , more than half the guys would suffer failure. What do you guys think?




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