Why why getting rid of it is soo difficult?

Guys , please please please tell me why the hell it is so difficult to get rid of masturbation addiction ??!!
I mean literally the toughest job for me to get rid of sexual urges

I am going for higher studies and at the same time I’m too concerned if I could complete it successfully if I get addicted to masturbation

Masturbation,no doubt,drains you and make you feel shitty

At the same time,if I don’t ejaculate once in a while, night call happen and it makes the things more worse


Tel me what shall I do ??


It affects your dopamine haiyya

Haiyya again self doubt if you doubt yourself don’t do it(noFap).

Urges are like Auntie Helen memories never leaves me but be comfortable with it because it will never torment until you dig your own grave.


just do it less often, 2 times a week, if it’s hard to do it right away, then try to masturbate less every week, if you masturbate 3 times a day, try to do it 2 times a day then even less often.

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Completely respecting your opinion and thoughts but just a word of caution
Brother i think you should edit this part. :sweat_smile: cause many people might not like this.
This community is where people are trying to stop completely :sweat_smile: so telling them this might not be reasonable.

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you’re right, I’ll fix it now

Haiyya masturbation is for weak people why so weak?

In no way is nightfall worse than MO, masturbation creates self doubt because you feel like you don’t have self control that’s why you went for it, but nightfalls are completely natural, just clean yourself next day and back on track in almost no time.
If you are going for masturbation just to avoid nightfall then it’s not a wise decision at all.

Incorporate habits in your schedule that fulfill your needs. MO is mainly sensual need, a need to feel good, but there are plenty of things that are not as harmful or not harmful at all but can still make you feel good.


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