Why we Relapse again and again? Understand the Logic

Have you ever count how many times did you brush your teeth?
Have you ever count how many times did you bath?

No? So why are you counting days in Nofap journey?

What happens when you achieved successfully some days?
Suppose my target is 30 days of Nofap or No PMO and when i will achieve 30 days - my mind will influence me that now you have achieved 30 days and nothing left to do more - now relapse.

Mind become heavy in thoughts and we Relapse again.

We should not count days or we should not set goal for No PMO instead we should make a habit.

Do you ever set a goal to 30 days of cleaning teeth? What would you do after 30 days of achieving it? You will clean your teeth after 30 and continue to it.

So don’t set goal for 7 days, 30 days 90 days & 365 days instead make a habit.

I am sure you get the point

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