Why was the name changed to Rewire Companion? Legal Issues with NoFap

It’s been few weeks since the name change from NF Companion to Rewire Companion, but you guys never got the proper explanation as to why that happened. I was quite busy so I never got time to do a write up explaining the situation, but here it is now. I am also aware many of you want to know more about me, or “my story”, it’s been pending for months now but I’ll get around it soon.

So here it is, I’ll keep it short.

Originally, the name of the app was NoFap Companion, at that time (in 2015) the app was simply a counter with few little features, and no community. I wasn’t aware that the NoFap name is trademarked. So soon after I received a mail from the NoFap founder Alexander asking me to change the name since NoFap is trademarked and it might lead some people into thinking that it is the same brand and operated by the same entity, which it isn’t.

After some discussion we agreed that NF Companion would be fine, so the app’s name was changed.

Things remained constant for around 3 years, in those 3 years, the app grew quite a bit, new features were added constantly, blogs, social media accounts, forum were created. We had a community. And who else has a community? NoFap.

So I got another mail from the community manager of NoFap, asking me change the name from NF Companion to anything that doesn’t point to NoFap in any way. The reasoning was same, confusion between two brands and me utilising their name and brand to promote my app.

After much discussion, I had to change the name to Rewire Companion, suggested by @novoluar (awesome mod btw).


Copyright shit !!
Trademark shit !!
Patent shit !!

Huge setbacks in journey of major issues in the internet economy and world.

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I would expect that if they had agreed to the first name change, they could no longer have demanded another.

Well they did it anyways.

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I will be watiting for your story about how you got into nofap…


I like the name “Rewire Companion”. Hence this is my Rewire journey. Cool name. Good suggestion.


Well our admin prefers being low-key about himself.

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He said he would share it but didn’t have time. He saved many people by making this app and helped changing their lives for the better I don’t mind him taking a bit long for him to share his story. I’m sure it will be an interesting one (:slight_smile:


This is the absolute truth.
Thanks Admin bro


I’m a member of NoFap and the mention of NF Companion was banned. If you mentioned the name NF Companion your post went under review. If you mentioned the name in a PM you weren’t allowed to send the message.

But to be fair some people did think NF Companion was connected to NoFap but I wonder if all the censorship was needed. I just wanted people to know about the app since it might help them.


in the end, the over all goal should be to help every single person to get rid of the addiction and pmo problem.
the more we work together the farther we come.

but i can also understand that it is about money and stuff. every developer needs funding for his projects


I love this app and the name!

The name is actually what attracted me
because to rewire is what drives me

Neuroplasticity gives me hope for change,
In Companionship we see ourselves in others and want the best for them.