Why They say it is okay to

¤ People Lie ¤
Why people say “masturbate as much as you want” ?
I heard a dialog in Pursuit of happiness movie ~
Will smith says to his son “People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you that you can’t do it.” And this is absolutely correct.
People can’t control their urges and addiction that’s why they tell you that frequent masturbation is good for health.
I know they give you some examples of scientist research which says masturbation is healthier.
It is just like smoker says to another smoker to smoke a cigarette and tell him some research say smoking one or two cigarettes are good to remove stress from your mind and also good for your skin.
So don’t listen to these people. They are not well-wishers.
Do you know, there is a very big industry which is based on your sexual desires.
For example ~ business related to matrimonial sites, dating sites, dating apps, marriage consultants, divorce consultants, porn sites, adult movies, adult books etc. All these businesses depend on people’s sexual desires.
So industry don’t want to tell you a truth.
Most people watch porn because they are addicted to it and they feel good when other people are also doing these shitty things like watch porn and masturbate. So they can feel that they are not alone in this shit hole. That’s why they tell you that masturbation is good.
So please don’t trust these people and do not masturbate.