Why the energy is getting lost.Need help

I was a porn addict.I used to fap 2 to 3 times a day.I started the no fap journey 20 days before. It is hard from day one but first 3 days were very hard then I started noticing the changes like increase in focus and energy,the fogginess was gone from mind,I was very happy and was motivated for never again fapping.
But some days before suddenly i loss all the benefits. I was feeling like i lost my super power of being focused,less foggy being happy and energetic.
Now i am again feeling dull but it is not that bad like i used to before(when i was fapping).
I am feeling less confident again and I am loosing my Motivation. I don’t know why?

Is it normal? Does it happens with everyone in this journey? Can I feel the benifits and same level of energy and focus again?how may days will it take to feel it again?

Plz can someone answer this.
Because it is getting hard and I am loosing my Motivation.


Hey bro. It’s is normal. It’s like a game which our brain will play with us. It makes us feel down and induce us to PMO. It’s normal. I have experienced it many times. You don’t worry about it. It will pass on. But don’t relapse. Though it will happen in the initial stages of no fap, you have to ensure whether you have external and internal problems that make you feel down.

Hi man hope you doing great ,
well that’s where the fun begin this is the situation that will decide your future , where you feel low power low confidence, And no energy here will you start thinking to back fappin , what i mean by this is where the fun begin is that if you really keep on going and don’t look back even you feel unmotivated, lack of energy unconfident you will goes to the next level where you will forget FAP for ever , your confidence will boost more and your super power energy will hit again and more powerful
Don’t give up on this situation it’s just a dopamine game Your subconscious mind is playing it

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Thank you rajameghananand NXGhost for your support :pray::bowing_man:


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