Why so many leaving?

Why are so many people leaving the app and quitting No PMO?
I can understand some of you leave, but these last days is just too many and it make me feel a little sad :pensive:

Use this thread to cheer up our companions if you want!:raised_hands:



I think some are just too busy with their lives.

And coming here also reminds people of their pain haha. It doesn’t help that people fail again and again on NoFap. Its kind of that we are demonising our problems. Judging it to be more evil and badder than what it is. I know these issues, but I still experience the negative effects of it.

I remember you, one of the few women here.
I left for a while. And just came back.


I don’t think the vast majority of us will ever leave while tryjng to stop/recover. Giving up sounds like a nice option on the surface but the problems that come with PMO will probably bring most of the people who ‘quit no PMO’ right back here eventually.
I’ll admit I almost quit a week or two ago.


I think most people here dont understand the way to quit pmo, they punish themselves everytime they fail, and I guarantee most of them only use this app. This is supposed to be a “side dish”, the main way to quit is to get a “full time” life, get out of your comfort zone , try new things , fill your time with anything else, dont just sit here waiting to hit that 90 days mark because u will fail that way.


I think don’t get it… People are giving up the idea to stop porn ? I didn’t saw people leaving… Where do you see this ?

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@WarriorNS have a very important point over here. You will fail if you just count the days passing hoping to reach some mark in the counter.

I’ve failed that way myself.

The most effective way to overcome masturbation is to fill your day with things that are most interesting. Doing that they days will pass faster.


@SunRise I’ve seen a couple threads in the forum recently and a couple mor post in the text board of people saying that they give up and they’re leaving.

I think failing is part of the process. I wish more people understand that.


True, maybe.

When I feel blue I just stop coming for a few days, but that doesn’t mean I will give up entirely

Didn’t see it @KateSista… But that sounds a bit sad.

I sometime have some thought of giving up when i relapse… Feeling like a looser who can’t live.

But giving up against a problem which is killing you inside is the same as suicide to me.

Whatever i do i can’t give up, i mean killing myself with vampirising content… That is too painful…

I never gave up till now and many problems in my life were solved… Porn will not be an exception.

Let’s continue, everyone. We do it because we know inside what we are missing, and it’s 1000 x better than pmo.


It can be discouraging to see that counter hit zero because you decided PMO. Ko one said it would be a simple 90 days and done; there would be no use for this app.

This is meant to test you and see how bad do you want it. If you want it bad enough, you will get it.


I left for a while, because I struggled too much and updating every fail in my diary would lead to spam.

I came back, still struggle, but with hope for a change.

It’s almost 3 years since I got to know about my problem and my best is 12 days. I’m in deep shit atm, but giving up on bringing myself back to life is not an option.


I was giving up but now on 11 days. lost interest on porn now. Hopefully will reboot , stay with me


It’s a tough balance between paying attention to the NoFap community, because the tips and motivation can keep you motivated, and staying away from it because it reminds you of what you are trying to give up.

For myself, both strategies work some of the time. I need to not be thinking about porn all day, so that I can make space for more important and engaging thoughts and activities, but I also need to be here just enough to keep be focused, so that I’m on the lookout for urges. Otherwise they have a nasty habit of sneaking up on me and whacking me over the head when I least expect it. Everything in life is about balance…


Need a active companion who will track me

You can ping me as accountability partner @subhamsensit

Sad is those that leave before a 90 days streak at least… After you get 90 days of NoFap i think you are actually recovered… (sorry bad english), starting now No PMO. Cheers from Brasil!


Yes failing is the part of process it took me 3 years to reach here I am in my 41 day they have to understand that they give several years to porn so it will also take time to quit this addiction


You cant be more honest than this.
Thats the reality. We gave lots of years to this addiction and we cant expect to turn around things all of a sudden. But with perseverance i hope that everything will come to a happy ending


All the very best man.
Good Luck

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