Why should we call hard mode "hard mode"?

This is the question, since it persuades us, even before we started, that:
1: quitting PMO completely is hard
2: as a consequence, if it is hard, then we must enjoy PMO
3: this means we are not out of our addict minds. PMO is bad, and easy to get rid of once you realise it really brings nothing to you, only an illusion of pleasure. The time when we have the most pleasure is when being sober for a long time. That being said, why do we even consider quitting completely “hard”? It is not hard. This is a lie from the porn industry, that PMO is enjoyable, and therefore it is hard to quit. But it is not true. There is truly no temptation to relapse once you realise how empty PMO is.
Let’s share opinions on that topic guys


NoFap hard and easy mode are based on whether you masturbate or not.

Not watching porn is called noFap , not easy or hard mode. It’s a misnomer, sure, but there is no version of noFap, hard or easy, that includes watching porn

Real people do hard things and aren’t afraid if them. Coming out of porn, like any addiction, is hard, but it is worth it.

People never do nofap because it’s easy. They do it because it’s worth it.

If you check with some of the people actually following noFap hard mode here, we never think of ‘hard’ or ‘monk’ mode as any mindset difference. We accept that’s it’s hard, but that’s why we do it. We hard miders don’t complain that it’s hard, and we respect those doing easy mode as well. It’s the hard things that make life worth it.

Porn is easy, noFap is hard.

But never confuse easy with worthwhile.

I am not of the mindset the PMO is not pleasurable. No offense to people who are from that, but I think it’s stupid. If PMO wasn’t pleasurable then you wouldn’t have fallen into that trap in the first place.

No, I don’t PMO because I accept that it’s pleasure, but I know that there’s a bigger pleasure for me later in life if I don’t PMO.

PMO has pleasure, but noFap brings even greater pleasure.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose. -Jim Elliot

Glad you shared your thoughts :+1:

Flame on


I strongly disagree with everything you say, but that’s ok. I advise you to read the Easypeasy Way, you can find the ebook for free on the Internet. It is mind opening. Then we can talk again

I have read it. Easypeasy itslef states that PMo brings dopamine and refernces the Coolige effect. @Tagore @Yitzchak @Bashi you guys have read the book multiple times, maybe you can help him.

@Pierretomas181 which part do you disagree to? Do you think noFap is easy? Or that PMO does not give any pleasure? (Those are basically the only two points in my response :joy: even though it’s so big.) I’m not able to get you…

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Hey @Ash_Matt as a fellow EasyPeasy reader :laughing:

The book basically makes it clear that PMO gives you literally nothing and not only that, it takes away from you. So yeah, why would consuming something which gives you nothing and leaves you miserable be enjoyable? Just like hitting your head against a wall (the example used in the book).

Regarding the easy part: the book mentions that quitting is easy if you properly follow the instructions and do it the “easypeasy way”. Otherwise it’s using willpower. Then again, using willpower basically means that you feel a temptation and a need to resist something, that like mentioned above, gives you nothing at all. So there’s no need to resist something that gives you nothing and only takes away from you. Hence the book allows you to make the conclusion that escaping porn is easy.


You all are Right, @Pierretomas181 @Ash_Matt @Bashi ; no need to explain yourself further & make an argument.

I am commenting here to express my views,

Nofap is both easy & Hard because

Even if you know it is easy then also at some point you feel the Hard because now you need to Rise Up & do some hard work because nofap shows us our reality, our problems & correct way to deal with those. Hence, there is hard work also to set things right & become balanced once again.


@Bashi Escaping porn is easy, staying away is hard. You’re right though. PMO does give us nothing, but that’s not in a literal sense. When I say PMO gives pleasure I mean that PMO gives us dopamine shots in the brain. Dopamine shots in the brain are what PMO pleasure is.

Anyway, this is way off topic xD the question is why can’t we call it noFap hard mode. I think we should call it noFap hard mode since refraining from P and MO is harder than just refraining from P. Not that refraining from P us easy, but you get the idea.

Anyways, no real point here :man_shrugging: noFap hard mode and easy mode are what they are. Leave it as it is, there are more important things in noFap. Easy, hard, anything, let’s just not relapse.


@Ash_Matt yeah, at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what the name is :sweat_smile:

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@Bashi Agreed. All the best!
Flame on


I actually think that hard mode is easier than easy mode, since you’re not as carefree during easy mode as during hard mode (guilt, shame, thinking about M and O, etc.). Anyway, the dopamine cravings are not that strong. It is mainly our state of mind that magnifies them and make them feel huge. I myself could not get 2-3 days clean in a row, with this technique, I am now on day 6, and haven’t really felt cravings like before, even though my brain should be crying for dopamine since I was heavily addicted.
All this to come to the point that, in my opinion, the hard and easy mode names are misleading. We should call them complete mode and partial mode, or even complete freedom or partial slavery


Yes, the real work at the end is setting your life straight again after the damage PMO has caused. This is the real challenge, but it has little to do with PMO at that point.

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Whatever you call it, stick to it. I don’t get you- are you doing easy or hard mode right now?

When we call it easy the withdrawal pangs are mild and we can easily avoid but when we say it hard there are two mindsets subconsciously bringing hard urges. That’s all.