Why should i stop pmo?

I forget, remember me pls.

Because all it did, if you are a recovering addict like me, was fuck up your life.

You could spend all that pent up sexual energy and frustration on hobbies, goals and dreams, and living the life.


You should stop PMO because it has always lied to you. It doesn’t provide stress relief, real joy, love or pleasure. You will not be relaxed after going back - your anxiety and stress will multiply. It will cause you to feel more ashamed and regretful.

3-5 seconds of pleasure isn’t worth flushing your life down the toilet. Every relapse sets you back, for all you know that one relapse is the domino that sets off a chain of another 20 relapses before you reach a month again.

It’s never worth it. There is no good reason to relapse.


Because it creates fiction and not reality, it stops you from developing true relationships.
You didn’t born to watch porn but the PMO industry wants to break you and us and to earn money.

Think also about all the women, men and children who are suffering from this industry.
Many of them don’t want to take part in this stuff but they must to.

It creates a fictional world full of lust, where you see other people only as tools of pleasure.
It’s not real, it’s just business and wont lead you to ANYWHERE in your life.

It just like smoking. you always need more and more to feel good, just like you felt on the day in which you have started to watch PMO.

PMO is a chain of slavey, a curse, a plague upon earth, the Queen of lust and misery.