Why it's impossible for me 😔

It’s been past 2 years since joining nofap but still this is impossible for me. Why can i make a long streak? Not even a week!
I have read many books, watched many videos, meditation… All works but for few days.

  1. Once i didn’t recharge my internet plan then i made 8 days streak.
  2. I did meditation daily and made 6 days steak.
  3. I locked my phone’s app. And made 8 day streak.
  4. I started wringing journal and positive affirmation and made 9 day streak.
    If i try any above thing now. I couldn’t make even 5 days steak. All strategy looks temporary for me. I can’t understand how can i rewire myself. How can i get back myself as pure version.
    I m addicted to pmo since childhood. I have never seen my pure version.
    It looks like pn is permanent in my mind. I m not becoming negative just telling the reality of my life.
    Will i ever be rewire? I have seen all the negative side effects of pmo but still pn looks very new to me. I want to get rid of this pn but when cues comes i become a different person and then nothing works. Even i single word, pic or any pn scene triggers me and then hours of pn and relapse.
    I have read the science behind addiction. I know about habit but no information is action for me. Nothing works when triggered.
    I really need help

Hey @rockisrock, we’ve all been there and at times, we all feel very stuck and nothing seems to “work”. I’ve had many streaks beyond 90 days but I’ve been going 20 days and relapsing again, just quite recently.

What helps me personally, is taking a couple of steps back and go “inside” myself. Take a moment to sit down or lie down somewhere, think about your streaks. How do you feel about your current situation in life? What do you think contributes to your relapses the most? What are your most frequent mistakes? Sometimes looking up new techniques or watching videos about NoFap helps too. Often after doig that kind of stuff, I get new insights and I gain motiviation to try again. This might take days also.

Take care.


He is right. Take a moment brother.

2 years ago you joined this forum.
Can you feel that energy till now?? Wuth which you started this journey…

There are always bad roads on the journey brother… no journey is smooth…

Its our will and our wish to cross those bad roads and reach our destination…

On our journey to the best visiting place which we have every been… Did we turn back our car just because there is a rough patch in between js and your destination?? We kept going…

Similarly we will still keep going in our journey on nofap…


Check this video… if this little warrior can fight for 100 days with such condition… Then why can’t we in our such condition… ??


Hi @rockisrock don’t stress yourself thinking why I’m not making high streak. No one has achieved their streak just like that. Every one of them have number of relapse before bring up to the mark.

You have been trying to get rid of this is a big step. Keep yourself in the track you’ll break it for sure.:+1:


only one thing you will need is motivation, motivation about why you want to do nofap, find it deep inside, and everything will be OK, i used phone all the times, use Instagram daily, watch reel video, don’t meditate and workout only few day in week, all these thing I can do because I found my motivation, what I want to achieve in life, that’s it, and everything will place it on its own,


Can you give me some hint. How can i get my motivation? What question should i ask to myself?

I’m not a big achiever in the field of no faf. I’m new to the concept of no faf. My longest ever no faf is 28days. My advice is write down what negative impacts it puts on your personal, professional, family or dating life. And think about what is your life without those negative things. How much you can achieve without those distraction. For me I write down that:- I have no time left to work on my self, my health, my skills, my family, my friends. My life becomes like eat- watch porn- masturbates- and sleep. Secondly I had no will power to go after real girls. Only porn stars attracts me. Real sex is nothing like porn, by watching excessive porn we expect that real sex should be like this. But when it doesn’t happen as of our expectation we no longer interested in real relationship, sex. First you have to get rid all your dirty material on your phone, insta, facebook, computer or anywhere. Click not interested on photos of instagram search section that provoke your urges. Unfollow all those boobs and ass models. May be it sounds weird but it’s practical. Keep in mind everytime you have urges to masturbate just try to distract your mind to other place. Sing, dance, watch spiritual videos, comedy videos or any random shit. Trust me if you successfully distract your mind atleast 1 or 2 minutes, your urges will gone. But it will come back again after some time,so you have to repeat the process when it back. And don’t blame yourself if you failed sometimes, it a on going process. You have to try again and again. You should proud of yourself, atleast you address the problem and kepps trying to be a better person. Most people I know who just wasting their lives by watching excessive porn and masturbation. I’m also not successful in nofaf but what I understood is I have to keep trying atleast it’s better than not doing anything.