Why is there a yellow tinge to my sperm?

Failed again on day 3, had a 33 day streak in the past and then 5 now failed on

I had these tinge in all these episodes, is it because of abstinence ??

Dont know about all 3 times… but probably something to do with your urine mixing with sperms… If you think it’s serious go see a doctor immediately don’t ignore these things…

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Yeah it’s funny isn’t after every long streak I’ve ever had there’s always that yellow tinge you talk about :sweat_smile:, but I’ve honestly never seen the yellow tinge after a short streak.

Is it like milk?
Yknow there’s yellow milk too
That comes in the very beginning after the delivery of Child(whether it’s cow or human)
And yep, it’s way more nutritious than normal white milk
Could it be that your is also highly nutritional one?
Let it be absorbed into body

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