Why I Want a Companion

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Why I want a companion - I’m new to this app and really discouraged that I relapsed. I would like someone to talk to about it, relate to, and encourage who encourages me.


I’m up for it
I have started only recently too


Cool! Tell me about yourself.

Yea sure add me we can help eachother bro
Relapsed today

Code: thut7m

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Thats my code :rage: :rage: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Sorry I didn’t realise I accidentally copied and pasted I thought I pasted my own code.

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Okay then… :neutral_face: I’ll try that code

Don’t worry bro
We all start somewhere
I will join you

f3k2l5 is my sharing code

Farly new as well. Feel free to add me ! f1zi41


I want to join
Can you add me to the forum, even I need a companion

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I would like to be your companion please

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HS: 7 days

Not totally sure how?

Today is my 3rd day and an having urges to relapse, having urges to open reddit what should I do help!!

Dude don’t. Its not worth it. Nothing can happen without your consent. Don’t give your body permission to.
Did you do it?

Add me in the group - o4889f

Sharing code - eikwvz

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Feel free to ask/dm me question but i cant reply asap because i cant online everyday but still i will try my best to reply >)

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This is/ was my code :thinking:

lol we have same code??? sadge

How is it possible? I tried to add you but I added myself :joy: