Why I relapsed from my highest streak of 57 days

What lead to the relapse: It was all going so strong and nice with the help of my god, until I started falling gradually which I didn’t even noticed, I was becoming lazy, not studying enough, not exercising, and just few days ago before my relapse I started indulging myself in online arguments, which really degraded me spiritually. I need to stop online arguments completely from now. And being this weak, on 58th day, I got attracted to a neighborhood girl. Which ultimately lead me relapsing, falling from my best streak ever.

Guys if any of you reading this, do not do these mistakes which I did.

This was really heartbreaking for me. But now it’s a do or die for me. I would rather choose to die than to masturbate or watch porn. I’m doing this for god because god wants me to be so victorious that nothing in this material world could do any harm to me.

Thank you GOD. I will not look for happiness in anything else but in God’s holy name. When the time comes to leave my body, I will be a great celibate at that time

This is my promise to my God. Now, there is nothing in universe which can stop me. Because I take shelter in holy name of God.


You can reclaim your lost glory, we always has practised seeking dopamines, happiness, we have never practised on boredom, flatlines.

Rag ka bahut abhyas kar liya
Ab veeragya ka abyas karo.

Just always remember these relapse & ask yourself what have you got ? & what is lost ?


That’s what happens mostly. The “Next High” craving lead to relapse, don’t underestimate small urges because they’re grow in no time and become much harder to resist. You’ve done that before, you’ll do it again. Better this time :blush:


You dude, you always speak motivating words. Thanks a lot brother, together, if join forces, we can win this battle. :fist_right:


Absolutely right Vicky underestimating small urges is not a good idea. And that’s very kind of you @vickyx we can do this, this time better than ever. :fire::fire:

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Go all the way this time yea! All the best dude!:+1::muscle::v:


Appreciate the support brother. We can do this. :fire:
Much love bro :sunglasses::heart: