Why I Fapped since the pandemic

My addiction to all PMO started with the pandemic. As many of you know, lockdown, causes loneliness.

That loneliness feeling is what I have been feeling for years. Since high school.

When the pandemic hit, my loneliness amplified by almost 500%.

Never had a girlfriend because my Dad would never allow me to separate myself from him all these years.

His decision to move me, my Mom and himself to the Adirondacks Mountains was to save money in taxes.

My Dad had loneliness in his life too. He clung to me to cope. In turn, his method of coping, turned me into the failed wreck that I am.

So in private, I started looking up certain images and I would lust after those images.

Then that lust turned into viewing Porn sites and masterbation and Orgasm.

For months I was no aware of the sin or problems I was causing myself.

When I learned what I was doing was wrong, I was afraid to share my story.

For months I kept trying to succeed, but still fail.

I am extremely stressed. I can’t sleep, I over eat, I don’t exercise, and spend all my free time with my phone.

I have only this community as a way to make friends. I need a friend to message me daily to check in with me.


Yeah, I can relate to that
Pandemic suck, but it is what it is.

Maybe trying exercise might be a good idea to keep healthy

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It’s a sad story but I think practicing nofap in pandemic was a great challenge. It can boost your self control to a greater extent. Always try to turn circumstances into opportunities. Good luck

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