Why I fap and why you might

I’m on day 7 now. And throughout this week I kept noticing a habit. I don’t have the urge to fap because i’m horny. I’m not even thinking about sexual things or have urges. I want to fap when i feel down, or unmotivated, or lazy, or sad. When i get migraines, fapping would relieve the pain. It’s never “i’m horny, so i fap now”. It’s usually a chain of mini-excuses that will lead to relapse. Once you go a step in that direction it’s like a domino.

Share your experiences. Fapping not as a release of sexual tension but a tool for dopamine or something


That’s the ticket. You figured it out. That’s why people have a hard time to abstain, because fapping is the poor man’s anti-depressant.

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In other words, like a drug…