Why i failed? (will edit later)

Hello guys i have been noticing people on long streak are posting their diary. Obviously it inspires and motivates people in this community.
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir once said don’t read success stories you’ll get only messages. Read failure stories you’ll get ideas to get success.
On noticing number of relapses It is my genuine effort to reduce those numbers. So i have came up with an idea. In this thread the person who has relapsed can post with following things filled.

Root cause:
Preventive Action:
Justify PA:

With this we will have 1 place for all the root cause for relapses and relative preventive action. So new comers or those who are on long streak may get benefited.

Also you can ask your accountable companion for corrective action (above 4 points) if they relapse. And one can voluntarily put corrective action on their status on relapsing.

Hopefully this works.

Hi @Taher please look into this.


This is good idea @SurajArkasali. After relapse, introspection greatly helps us to recognise the relapse patterns consciously so that we can recognise them later before they overpower us.


Yes @Taher. If you can add this feature to the reset button would be a great help. Thanks for the kind reply.

This is already added.

Thankfully I’ve not hit that button since from day 1 in this community. Hopefully i never hit that button. Thanks @Taher for helping us to overcome our weakness.