Why I am doing this?

I am 26 years old virgin. I am fapping since when I am 13 or 14 year old. This is my 2nd nofap journey, earlier I tried once and did a 11 day long streak then I relapsed and start fapping on a regular basis. This is my 2nd journey and I am on 10th day without fapping or watching porn or any kind of erotic thins. Till now there is no serious urge too but suddenly I started felling low, felling like why I am I need to do this why I need to control myself to get that pleasure. I never had a girlfriend or never date anybody or I dont even have any female friend. Then why I need to do this? I am totally confused and feeling distressed. If anybody got any answer plz relpy me.


U need to do this because of your future…
You look now at yourself say why dont I just fap everyday all day until I am out of breath, but what you neeeed to realize is that everyday you are getting one step closer to destroying any chance you have to get the girlfriend you always wanted, or have that energy that all no fappers have, or even become a better version of yourself, you need to know that every fucking day counts.
I am on day 16 and I assure you if I knew how much masturbation had destroyed in me just one day earlier it would have made all the difference.
So just Start your journey , Dont overthink it , and if you need proof it works there is hunderds of thousands of people you can ask and they will tell you it was the best thing they did.

You got have a solid reason as your foundation on this NoFap journey. I found it best on religion and wisdoms. Its what you keep comibg back on your low moment.

The roller coaster of the emotional tide is hell crazy. But bear with it, it’s not you talking but the addict brain. Keep holding on. You will reach it one day

I must say you dive in a monster task without any prepration.
You have no idea how hard it is to break the circle

Now; clearly you dont have the awareness to see what is bad & good for yourself. To devive this understanding, you have to force yourself atleast a streak of 30 days of hard mode.

I recommend watching no fap success stories on YouTube. Seth Alexander is one of many who explains the difference not fapping has made to his life. So however unmotivated you feel; how difficult is it to go to YouTube and type in Seth Alexander and watch a few of his videos? Then if YouTube is a problem for you then exit quickly after that and go out for a walk…


zp1hoi if you wanna share me bro

I think that a lot of this feeling comes from natural consequences of fapping. While my situation isn’t the same as yours, at least once a week I can think of moments of where I am going over this same thoughts on my head. I sometimes think that there is no point because there are plenty of people who fap, with seemingly no remorse, so why should I regret my decisions? Why shouldn’t I just embrace it? Then when I had my first good month/months I felt the huge difference in self confidence. I do it for my own health, I don’t do this nofap for any other reason (except maybe some influence in my religion)

Hang in there bro, don’t fall prey to those thoughts