Why does the community refrain from showing love?

I’d like to hear about your reasons why users don’t often give away “hearts” to posts be they just checkins, some random rant or a piece of art ? (In doing that aren’t we making this forum just like any other social media platform? When it’s so much more?)
And if you do shower this community with love and attention - please do tell your story and motivation too😊.


Hey, this forum is awesome for us to meet supportive people. Search for a topic that is interesting for you, and you will see.

But the topics that are the most popular are the challenge ones. I can see that they may be helpful, however I have never joined one. My motivation comes from myself, and not by competing against other people.


Mine too brother :blush:. I’ve developed a tendency of pressing the “heart” button of every post that I read. It’s my way of acknowledging the contributions of this brethren and in a way, requesting it to contribute more.
Sadly I don’t see many users doing that. I dunno why? Held back - it’s nothing but if let given away - it makes someone’s day a little better.


Thats because there are limited numbers of hearts that you can give per day, after that you have to wait for some hours to like a post again


Wait, I am hearing this for the 1st time. Really?


Yeah bro, you have a limited quota of likes, you can try it by liking as many post as you can, atlhough it refills after sometime, but if you are having a good conversation with a group of friends, you are likely to end up out of likes


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