Why do you relapse?

We are here because we all know we should quit this bad habit and live a healthier lifestyle. Nofap gives so much benefits. Porn gives only temporary filthy pleasure follower by days of low energy, lethargy, social anxiety, and all the shitty consequences. Whereas, Nofap gives permanent happiness and fulfilment besides all the innumerable positive benefits.
But still many of us are relapsing. Some after 100 days, some after 30 and most of us within a week. Why are you relapsing so often?

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I suppose its the craving. Very delicious esp after a period of abstinence. The longer the abstinence the more the rushhhh. Sometimes triggers and stress just lead you to override all the above and white baby sperms are born generously.

Also PMO is easily accessible and on your pace solo act, novelty, satisfy very well your fetishes if any ect… real sex is tiring, longer time, need focus and performance, need agreement and chemistry, infinite steps to get the ladies, etc real life mostly sh** PMo gives amazing escape.


I relapse because I feel the urge for PMO and if I give into the urge, I feel a brain fog and lose control over myself.
It is a real roller coaster of emotions from feelings of success to feelings of failure, just because of one stupid physical urge and action.

@scorpionzz, I love your analysis. Very spot on with the ease of supposed sexual release.

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