Why do I keep relapsing after 4 days

this keeps happening, I’ve been trying nofap for around 2 years now I’m 16 and I really want to break this cycle.

Well it could be any number of reasons. However i would suggest you apply the scientific method to understand why,make it fun. Once you know why determine what needs to be removed from your journey and how you will fill your time so you can’t fall back in the old patterns of addiction. Try it but remember its a journey or lifestyle not a 5 step program and done.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


Hey @fappy this might get ugly and I apologies if anyone feels offended.

Look see here. This is a hard journey and none of us had it handed to us. You need to fight for it and you need to commit in your fight even if it takes you a 1000 tries to reach your goal you have to try and try again.

You have to stay focused and that’s what I have learned. Just one thought one impulse is all it takes, but you have to train yourself in beating it.

I put alot of emphasis on you because you gotta focus on you for this journey. You know what takes you to a relapse, but look on the flip side can figure out on how to get out of it.

Focus on your mindset that’s #1 you have to stay positive and make this journey easy and fun to follow. Learn from your past relapse mistakes and try to avoid to go back to that path.

  1. If you feel the urge or have a boner just start by thinking this way. No touch, no thinking( thought) no eye contact. These 3 simple thoughts will get you of it easier. By not touching and seeing it you elminate about half of the probability of relapse. The other half is in your thoughts. Don’t think about it = don’t worry about it.

You need to stay strong and have to make your ground rules to beat it, because no one else can beat this for you we can simply guide and motivate.

Good luck stay strong and awesome!!

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yeah igu buddy, thanks

thanks man I hope this helps👊

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