Why do I do this

Hey!.. So I want to spit something out of my chest. The reason I do this is because i had problems with sex… I remember doing it with my ex, and couldn’t finish even on my best days… The problem was that I could only ejaculate If i had fantasies of porn in my mind… In top of that I had a big issue with anxiety performance… Plus I was masturbating too much even before sex… I understood that I have to change something… Believe me I stopped porn for a year and it had unbelievable changes in my life… Once I stopped masturbation my pied was getting better and I was feeling more alive…Now my goal is to heal my dopamine mine receptors once and for all, and only have sexual encounter with a woman and not myself


Great job posting it bro, I too dealt with this same problem, honestly still am, this porn stuff it just ruins and rules your mind, keep up the good work man!!

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