Why cant i control this

I feel like I’ll lash out on someone if i go to school. Relapsed again. Im tired of this.


Bro read “Easy peasy way to quit porn”


I’ve read it I’ve trief it did work but i havebt had the motivation or time to reread. School is in the way

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When did you relapsed?

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Morning or evening or night what is your situation, what triggers you to be in state of relapsed??

About 30 mins ago so morning. Idle mind left me prone to triggers and i peeked

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During which part of the day, You are most vulnerable to relapse.

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I’d start by updating your profile name and pic to something healthy


Either you are freely available at that time or your are very stressed and think of porn or inside yourself you think that porn or masturbation both can feel you relaxed. Just aware yourself with information what damage will happen when you do this every single day. And think about the positive effect of not watching porn and without masturbation. Ask yourself write in your dairy how to deal with it… I think the most intelligent person remains inside ourselves… Just ask it… And find the solutions… In this app read everyone’s experience and write that idea and try yourself… You will fail I know but that’s great you tried something to implement that idea… Fail 1000 times but rise 1001th day or time whatever.

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Morning and evening usually

I remember asking the admin but it hasnt been done yet

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My point is, to make substantial change we must cut it out, all of it.

A point does come when we have to face urges, just like a recovering alcoholic or smoker has to deal with other people drinking or smoking.

But as someone who wants to recover from over-sexualisation, anything that resembles or opens up that pathway (literally; a physical dopamine pathway in our brains) Throw it to the fire.

Chicks will always be hot - it’s not something that needs testing, nor is it something we need to fight, but the ilde thoughts? Yes, fight them. Or find healthier relaxing options when you just need to chill.

Don’t follow the drug!

As a 38 year old who is still very childish = don’t be like me who has messed around for years following his own lusts.

As a youngster I thought, all guys and my friends were having lots of causal sex (not true) and so it encouraged me, and become idolised.

The ones that did sleep around are not happy, nor full-of-life kinda people.

At 38, I realise I want peace, happiness, strength, joy and good relationships.

And to be able to provide and give - though at the moment my mental state can barely show strength in that being 100% true.

I’m still lazy and still childish.
The girls that appear on social media are still walking over me. Don’t let it be you!

Make the definition of what’s cool, and what’s not.

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My 2 cents. Never be free, always keep doing something. Make a daily schedule and try your hardest to follow it.
Resisting temptation is hard so it’s better to never be in that situation. Fill your life with many things and you’ll eventually stop remembering about porn.
Ex. Exercise
Learning to play an instrument
Walks and runs
Socializing(might be hard at this moment, but you can always socialize with family)
TV series and movies(be cautious and don’t binge watch obvio)

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I’ve given my max amount of likes but thank you for the advice

I’ll be sure to get my shit together in time wont let you down

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