Why are you guys doing Nofap?

Why do you hate p**n and fap? Just want you guys to share your story, and perspective in general so that i and others can benefit from it


Porn is a virtual world filled with things that are to be done with passion and love.
Fapping is a fantasizing world filled with things that destroys a person from within, emotionally mentally and physically…

Almost 90% of the world’s population watches porn. I want to be in the 10% population. I know no one will notice it and appreciate such efforts… but im happy from within… that’s what needed…

What porn shows?? (Trigger alert)

  • son having sex with his mother.
  • dad having sex with his daughter.
  • mother forcing her son and daughter to fuck each other.
  • boyfriend fucking girlfriend’s sister.
  • brother having sex with his sister.
  • a guy randomly strolls in a city and in fucking random girls.
  • policeman stopping a car and fucking the girl because she can’t pay fine.
  • security guard fucking a girl who tries to steal something from the store.
  • random school girl grouped by random school guys in bus.
  • doctors fucking their patients.
  • casting guy fucking the model.
  • property owner fucking the girl because she can’t pay rent.
  • etc.

We watch all these more thay we study or work…
So tell me amongst all these…which relation do we want to keep with our close relationships. Do we want to fuck our mother, sister, girlfriend’s sister, random girl in our real life… Damn we watch all these more that the time we sit for studying and working…

and which job profession do we want to choose in our life…?? Fucking patients, employees, models, colleagues, customers… etc…


understand it. Its a virtual world meant for nothing…!! In our lives…Its going to take us to ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE .

This world has changed a lot in this 21st century. There are both good and bad changes in humankind… mobiles, internet, way of living, changes in food… amongst all these… porn is the thing that came into this world in the 90s…

Was porn actually needed?? Before the entrance of porn in the lifes of humankind… were people not having fun with sex? Were people not having good and healthy kids… ??

Take this small example:-
Why most of the inventions were made in that era… and why this new era has less inventions as compared to then??
Answer is because people in this era are wasting their entire life in porn and all other not necessary things… which is destroying them only till they know when the time has gone.

So do we need porn in our lives??

Can’t we wait for few years to get married and have sex… and by sex i mean a good, matured and healthy sex that we are meant for…

Can’t we just focus on our lifes and do something good for ourselves, our nation and eventually the mankind.?

~ strongwillpower


I was already against porn (the reasons above would be enough for me to consider to be against porn)
However I was ejaculating 2+ times everyday, due to stress
I started to curb my ejaculation when I was dumped by the person I loved so much. Well unlike other people here I wouldn’t put myself at fault here. She was damn toxic herself. Hurt me very much. Guess what? She was the cause of my stress all along.
I decided to move beyond. Thus I started my activity to curb ejaculation. It’s been 16 days so far I haven’t ejaculated at all. I read another post and I found out my potential isn’t fully used too (due to excessive fapping)
I’m kinda happy to have chosen this path. I want to achieve many things in life. I shouldn’t be wasting my time anywhere useless, let alone porn (the most destructive of those useless activities)


Thanks for taking time to write an insightful answer… To be honest, i couldnt agree more with you. Porn is not just ruining us Men but women and everybody else and the most dangerous thing is that un 21st century society, it is normalised to the point that nobody can put a finger on it. Porn is not just some bunch of xxx vids or erotic game or novel or any other media… Its a concept id say which feeds off the basic “human desire” and makes it impure, malicious and in some way sinister. You can apply it to anything, take movies, games, shows, anime… You name it… Its on billboards and ads… Treat Women And Men as just objects with "sey bodily parts" and make them behave as animals who dont want anything in their lives besides satisfying this desire… Thats the most concisely i can summarise it… Se sells ladies and gentlemen…


And today I went to visit my friend. She told me I look very fresh. That I have a very pleasant and appealing face. That it is very radiant. I’d give credit to nofap here


This post is very relevant to me -

Stage 0 (Pre-NoFap) You’re a functioning human being, but you have no idea why you lose the energy that you “used” to have. The enthusiasm, passion and purity of heart. You know you’re capable of more, but when you act as such, people tend to not take it seriously. Your opinion is weak and people may step all over you. Additionally, you being single is just a part of life, just like the sky being blue. Having a girlfriend would be the oddity.

Also your grades aren’t terrible, but they kind of suck. You probably balance out your D’s and get B’s in your other classes. It’s weird, despite your intelligence, you’re not capable of accomplishing more. You have an inconsistent sense of excellence. Sometimes you impress people, sometimes you let them down, it’s hard to know for sure.

You’re kind of out of touch with people. For some reason you can’t relate to anybody. Is it because “I’m different?” You say. Probably not, it’s because you’re awkward. If you saw a lion that snuck into the cave and pawed itself to naked pictures of other lions, would you expect that lion to relate to the other ones?


Last but not least, women are fucking difficult to attract. For whatever reason, they don’t want you. All the good women are taken or very stuck up, which is probably why nobody wants them. (Which is false by the way). There’s like this invisible barrier, for whatever reason, you are not seen by the opposite sex.

Stage 1 (Hell Yeah, Let’s Get It Crackin!) You made it to the olympics. You haven’t won any medals yet, but you feel like a bad ass. You may even get a lot done this week and attract a couple of ladies, if you want. This isn’t the norm, but you have so much pure enthusiasm and energy right now and the people around you feed off that, even if it feels very temporary.

This immediate effect is the 7 day boost

Stage 2 (Still Pumped Bro!) You’re not as pumped as before, but you are still getting things done. At this point, you’ll notice the effects wearing off, and the temptation to fap will be getting stronger with each passing moment. This is the time where you’ll be using the hell out of the NoFap emergency button. This is probably the most difficult phase and can last for quite some time. This is the point where you also may feel stressed. Your body simply doesn’t know how to cope without a sexual outlet. In fact, you may hop on Tinder and sleep with the first chick you match up with just to get past the frustration.


You will also have trouble sleeping, so you’ll have to get an ice pack from the freezer and put it on your balls so that you can finally fall sleep.

You may also, start seeing women glance at you for the 1st time.

Stage 3 (Flatline, NoFap is a Myth?) This is the stage where you still have some confidence, but you’re no longer seeing any type of benefit from NoFap. Everything is back to normal, nobody really sees you, and you pretty much have no advantage in life. You are still attracted to women, however, you really have no interest in any specific woman. Your eyes will want sex, but your body… “Meh.”

Also you don’t have more energy. You’ll probably oversleep a couple of times, you’ll still have difficulty getting over your ex (if you’re still in that category). Most of all, you’ll start doing stupid shit to regain that momentum again (even fapping so that you can hit that 7 day boost.). People sense your lack of energy and super self-confidence so they’ll start criticizing you over bullshit. Which may further escalate your need to fap for that 7 day boost. And to make sure you don’t “lose it” from not “using it”.

Please Don’t.

This flatline is temporary. It feels like your life is back to normal, but it’s not, your mind is just resetting itself for a crazy turn around. Faith is the big word here

Stage 4 (Post Flatline, Okay, So I Wasn’t Wasting My Time) This is the stage where you start rising in confidence again. During this time, you’ll have some significant private victories. This private victories will give you a great deal of confidence. You’ll be celebrating things for awhile, so when you do reach your major goals - everyone else will probably be more shocked than you.

This stage is like putting gas back in the car and starting the engine. It just feels good to be driving around with a full-tank again, it gives you tremendous confidence and people can sense it.

Stage 5 (“Holy Shit You Just Turned Your Car Into a Spaceship”) This is the stage where you hit your major goals. Starting a business, landing a nice job, getting your 1st customers, and losing a lot of body fat. I know the recommended amount is about 2 pounds of fat per week, however, just throw all that shit out the window during this phase. You’ll have a lot of energy to burn, you’ll lose a lot of fat rather quickly and it’ll be completely healthy. You’ll lose more fat in this phase than all the previous ones combined.

Your grades will go up, you’ll start going on more dates. You’ll have more money in your bank account. Your family will be proud to claim you as a son again (or daughter), and overall, the quality of your life will be way different. Hence the analogy. People will start to believe in you again because they’ve seen that you’ve turned your car into a damn spaceship.

Stage 6 (Colonize a New Planet) You’re not even from this earth anymore. You’re a completely different person, and although you still kept your friends, they barely recognize you but if they are your best buds, then you will raise the prestige of your inner circle. In fact, you raise the prestige of nearly everybody that you know. When I say colonize a planet, I mean, you’ve started a completely different life.

At this point, you assume pornography is an outdated concept. You may accidentally click on a link and see a provocative act. You’ll either respond with laughter or utter disgust.

The old you is a person that you don’t even recognize. It’s similar to living two separate lives.

The reason why I don’t put days or timelines, is because it varies for everyone, but this entire process for me, on average, took about a year, each time.

-Shared from Rewire Companion app


Good for you mate… Keep going on this path… This is the true path to success and reaching your true potential


Of course buddy
I’m not stopping now
I have to go on and achieve great things
Thank you very much

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Makes me weak i guess


With a voice of a woman I can tell you …
Suffering enough about masterbation …
Before I came here I was so weak in my body , in my focusing for my expections to do hard work (like looking for courses for examples )
There are importants events that I did go in it cause of doing this devil habit … all the time Arguments you don’t know about the end of it

In brief I can tell you No positivity and clear thoughts … by doing this shit habit you can loud your voice to say , HERE I’M . :smile::muscle:


I start no fap because I have big problems with the Real sex - loss libido, due stress, etc.

I hope I wrote it correctly because my English is bad


I don’t want to challenge you or anything, but where do you get the data from, that 90% of the population watches porn?


That was just the number that i believe it would be… whatever it is… the message that I wanted to convey was to stay happy being in this kind of minority group.

However when you asked me for real data… i did some search and found out an article…read it till the last…

This article also contains a video regarding :- how to identify pornography addiction. Check that also.

Here is the link:- http://www.techaddiction.ca/pornography-addiction-statistics.html

Copy it and watch it in your browser. I think it doesn’t open here…

Maybe that link is not getting connected… I’ll put up screenshots


I recognised if I abstain from PMO, I have more time and more discipline to stay on my grind - to be on the right Path.


Porn just wasn’t real. It’s like the fucking Matrix all over again. We are trapped in a virtual simulation, and becomes enslaved to it. Even if it was everything you’ve ever wanted, would you prefer to stay in a fucking fake reality you found for yourself knowing that all of that is fake and the real world is still out there?


It’s fake it wastes your essence, the only way known to man kind to make another human being is through REAL SEX (putting you semen which you waste on the ground into another woman)WITH A PERSON OF THE OPPOSITE GENDER


Wait, what kind of a question is that? Just tell me, which benefit you got from masturbating? Relaxing, forgetting stress, clearer mind, well after some days they already happen, otherwise, there’s no good side of porn. That’s why we don’t need to end our lives now and go to grave at 60 - 70 as a man of nothing.


At first i thought it was easy to stop, all I wanted were the benefits that came with it. High engery, height testosterone, confidence, confidence with women ect . But it wasnt that easy… So now my mentally has changed bout seamen retention, I want to do this to learn discipline and self-control and once you can learn that you basically will get all the advantages and be able to achieve anything. It all jus starts with the problems to better yourself.

Porn is the most vicious and evil weapon the modern media has produced…

Even all Nuclear Weapons combined do not has such an impact as the porn industry is having on innocent children and youth…

Nuclear Bombs can at most kill a billion at a time but the porn industry is killing entire generations within few years

Youth are left to nothing inside them… they are becoming weak minded, ill health, poor body, sleep deprived, absent minded, insomniac, failure in life, anxious, depressed, social outcast, mentally-psychologically-emotionally isolated, lonely and suicidal, addicted and philosophically contorted not being able to see the world in its true beauty…

It is wasting entire generations… those who are in its trap do nothing except wasting their precious time, money, energy and potential… they are not able to take proper decisions for themselves and others… they are becoming couch potatoes because they have no energy left in them to do anything worthwhile in their life…

It is same as drug addiction… just of another kind… humans are a social beings but porn is converting them into miserable animals who are just good for nothing …

The porn industry though present in the past as well but now its reach has become so easy and fake intellectuals defend it as its healthy or good giving out of context benefits of sex education or preventing prostate cancer…

Life is so big… it must be enjoyed with true stable happiness instead of pleasure driven sadomasochistic consumeristic pessimistic manner


Our life is a combination of these four area,

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Soul
  4. Family & Society

Now we see how porn affects these.

Body :
Nowadays we are watching porn in Mobile phones mostly in dark, which affect our eyesight. We may not experience this now, but thats the truth. I feel tired eyes whenever I watched porn previous night. Fap will affect our nerves when it exceeds a limit. I am sure 90% people who fap loose their shape of the body.

Mind :
Concentration is the important thing for any activities we do. Porn disturb us in many ways. Let me say a example, When I was in a important meeting one business women explained some important approaches with her slides. Instead observing the key points my mind started to think her nude in table and a gangbang. See how worse it affected my mind?

Soul :
World is full of energy. Whatever object you see in this world is having some mass and run by some energy. One drop of sperm holding lot of energy to create a new life. This is the reason monks avoid sex. At least sex will help us in relationship and reproduction. But we are wasting our positive energy in worst way.

Family & Society :
We are all social animals. But porn and fab make us worse than animals. It drag away from the reality to a virtual world. It gives us some temporary pleasure and make us less competitive. That fake pleasure ruin the real relationship. We are unable to mingle with people.

These are the main reasons I found to say no to porn.