Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


Day 1

Relapse really takes a lot of energy. I have to keep going and find ways to avoid it for my glory and come back.


Day 6

I am doing this because i am tired of being a slave of this destruction.I don’t feel like I have purpose when I am enslaved by this, but I feel in control to defeat this when I am in No Fab because my day routine is consistency.


DAY 7:

I am doing this because I’m tired of making decisions that lead to a life that I don’t want and I know I don’t want. I’m tired of inhibiting my success.


DAY 32

I’m doing this because life starts at end of the comfort zone.


Day 7

Now its 7 straight days. I am doing this to overcome my real obstacles I need to take care after I overcome addiction. because I need to overcome other things also rather than PMO and fab. I have a big journey ahead and I am doing this to help myself and family.


DAY 3 of 15 days: I want to give my penis and testicals a rest, the same it is for my brain


Day 90 :dart:9%
I’m doing this for reduce depression
@Taher any advice for how fight depression

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DAY 8:

I am doing this because in my opinion, this is my entering into manhood, if I can complete this task.

I think that there are so many “men” out there that can do “manly” stuff, but go home and jerk off like some loser to other people having sex. They are boys in men’s bodies. They cannot control their emotions, so they suppress them, and they can’t achieve anything in life so they pretend like they do. And I’m in that category right now, but I want to be a REAL man. And this is my test.

@BruceLee I know you weren’t asking me, but having fought and beaten a clinical depression lasting 4 years, I thought I may be able to help you in some way with my own experience. Through my struggles, I learned that one must see life practically. It is what it is, so one must enjoy it despite the circumstances.

I am the kind of person to want an overall meaning in life, but I could not find one, especially dealing with difficult issues stemming from my childhood.

But I learned that life will never be a perfect thing, but something you just have to enjoy for what it is, otherwise it’s too difficult. I learned that I don’t need to let events or feelings way me down. They are either in the past, or just feelings, not reality.

In other words, you have to learn to separate feelings from what’s actually going on RIGHT NOW in your life and enjoy what you have. I’d suggest reading the book “Man’s Search for Meaning” By Victor Frankl. Amazing book written by holocaust survivor/therapist. That can teach you a lot of the philosophy about what I am talking about.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:




DAY 33

I’m doing this because I want to spend time only with what makes me grow.


@BruceLee This is a very open ended question with lots of variables not known. There isn’t any advice that will works same for every depressed person.

One thing I can say is, trust time, it heals everything.


Day 0

I count edging as relapsing this time. Why? Because I don’t want to risk being lethargic due to orgasming. I want to rewire completely so that I can become normal and have comeback again. I also want to cure acne, depression, and I also want to gain more muscles so that I am not skinny and underrated anymore.


DAY 9:

I am doing this to make myself a good example for when I have children.


Its getting hard. Real hard. Day 8


I’m here for self improvement. I want and need to realize my full potential. Enough is enough


DAY 34

I’m doing this because my vision for the future doesn’t include being lonely, weak and addicted.


Im doing this because PMO is avoidance of Reality. that in the end every part of you will not have the strength to face IT. even your d*** …

@WalkWithoutFear keep strong bro! If me I would not entertain that thoughts. Once it gets stronger or gets deeper it will be difficult to fight. If its hormonal just embrace it and let it pass.you can try mindfulness


DAY 4 of 17 days: I want to change my life


Day 0 : I want to have a better physique (muscle growth/definition, look less tired/zombified, reduce puffy nipples, more masculine mannerisms, vibrant expressions, more solid than soft look, not to be skinny fat, fuller beard and reduce receding hairline, etc).

I realize that Nofap may not give me all or any of the above but I want to at least give my body and mind the best chance of achieving my greatest potential. I don’t even know what my body can do without porn. I want to see what my body can do.


That means it’s working man. It gets worse before it gets better. But it getting worse is a sign of progress. You’re doing it. You’re achieving your goals.