Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge




DAY 1 of 11 days: I want to socialise better with girls


Day 3 :

I have depression, anxiety, and loneliness issues and I am working to solve that. And PMO worsens it.


Day 2: I don’t want to sexualize my partner. I want anything sexual to be the basis in which I choose to be with them or not. I want to reduce the emphasis and power it has on my relationships. I want to foster a deep connection as opposed to focusing on the shallowness of just sex. I want to engage in sex because I want to not because I have to. For it for solidify connection, not be the foundation of connection. I want it’s value to be important enough to me to protect its sacredness and to see it’s beauty.

Sorry for the brain dump.


Day 3

I am doing this for my family as well. To conquer social anxiety and to not have fear of obstacles. I can do it!


Today did yard work. And alot of stuff.


Because NoFap makes everyday better than yesterday …

Today Im feeling soooo good. My last relapse doesnt reset me so far back. Grateful for this app and the people and ultimately God


im doing so i can hopefully have more energy in the long run


DAY 4:

I am doing this to be a kinder and more caring person to my family because when I don’t zap my own energy, I have more to use for helping them.


DAY 29

I’m doing this to heal my brain from years of abuse.


Day 4

I am doing this to create self discipline and use my energy for other important purposes. :fire: :fire: its starting to get real.


Day 0: I’m just tired of being held captive by it.



I relapsed, but I got the lesson that I shouldn’t have edged no matter the circumstances.

Now because I relapsed, I had to feel that numbness, lethargy, and some sort of headache again.

I have to keep going though, because I want to change into a better version of myself and fight my depression till it loses.


DAY 2 of 13 days: To regain confidence


DAY 5:

I am doing this because I want to gain the respect and blessings from the family of my future girlfriend.

@JustDTG It’s good to hear you are getting right back up and learning from your relapse! From my own experience, I tend to edge if I have an unmet need such as if I am bored, tired, or stressed.

This was a big part of why I have relapsed before, so now I have realized that I need to identify the need and immediately take care of it in a healthy fashion (exploring outside, sleep, or going for a run). If that’s the reason why you are edging, I suggest trying that as well :slight_smile: I wish you luck on your new streak!


DAY 30

I’m doing this to experience life as it was meant to be. With action instead of endless observation.


Day 5

I am doing this to show the world that its possible to change from being an addict who wasn’t productive who just fabbed in room alone with little friends to a person who can wake up early and be productive and become the best version. :muscle:


Bro getting bored. Tired. Stressed. Must be handled. Never get bored because that’s enemy, never get tired you must sleep if you do. Never get stressed, you must meditate if you do. Lets go hard bro. Day 5 aint nothing yet. :muscle:


DAY 6:

I want to do this because im tired of PMO making normal life boring. Overstimulation is a terrible condition that I don’t want anymore.


Ya man let’s do this together! Keep up your streak! We got this this time :smiley:


DAY 31

I’m doing this because instant gratification will never create lasting happiness.