Why-are-you-doing-Nofap-? Challenge


Bro you aren’t alone. Just try to keep your mind off of negativity. It happened to me once to. Family issues made me PMO. But just try to calm mind in those times and tell yourself it will be okay. Because the more you endure the stronger you become. That’s why this journey is not easy. Its life changing! I’ve been on 20 days before and its life changing. But you must be consistent. For me I have to stay away from my room and only make it for sleep because I am so used to doing it in my room in private. I go out, read a book in living room or public library. It helps.


Hour 11 : Become a disciplined person


Day 28
I’m doing this for my future family, my girlfriend and I watched a baby for someone this evening and I just couldn’t help to think about how I’m gonna have a family one day. I first viewed porn on my dad’s computer going thru his history… I don’t want that to happen to my kids!


DAY 1:

I am doing this because life isn’t about pleasure to me, it’s about meaning. And whenever I PMO, I can feel the meaning being sucked out of my life. It works against everything I want in life.

Thank you for the encouragement @WalkWithoutFear ! That’s very true, this is life changing, I never really viewed it like that. Ya my fault this time was bringing my phone in the bathroom. It definitely is a no no for now on.

I want to say that I really appreciate you and everyone else on this thread, you guys have been super supportive to me when I am doing well and when I relapse :slight_smile:

I want you to know that a normal person would not take the time out of their day to say words of encouragement to a random individual. You guys are really special people and are legitimately good people as well. I want you to remember that, so that if you relapse and you feel like you are a failure, remember that a failure wouldn’t act the way you guys do. I wish you guys well on your current streak!


DAY 26

I’m doing this to save my future children from making the same mistakes my grandfather, father and myself have made.

My grandfather gave money to my father at the age of 14 so he could have his “initiation” on a Brothel.

My father offered me the same (I refused) and told me I should at least look for “some videos” to see how it was done.

I spent nearly a decade trapped in that addiction. It really hit rock bottom after I moved to a new city for University and started to living alone. Not only was it very time-consuming and draining, but it also had a very negative effect on grades and my will to socialize.

My duty as a future father will be to break this cycle. My children will know a better way.


DAY 2:

I am doing this to free my mind from the need for constant stimulation.


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Yeah, that’s totally true. They have more depth than just certain body parts.


DAY 27

I’m doing this to increase my willpower and discipline.

@JustDTG I don’t mean to be rude, but this thread is about why people are doing NoFap. Your first and third posts of today would fit better on your personal diary. Good luck on your journey.


Ok thanks for the reminder. So, the bottom line is… I do this to regain my purpose and my comeback since the very beginning. Claiming my worth that has been lost.


Doing it to get closer to allah/god. And so i can get married dont want to until i stop looking at other women naked.


Day 2

Doing this to focus on other life goals of the present and future. To rewire my mind and get my mindset to be of the real world.


No problem bro. We are here to support each other man. Stay strong :muscle: and remember NoFab won’t only help, you need a plan and goal to distract your mind from not edging or PMO.


Day 1: To be faithful and committed in a loving relationship without needing outside stimulus (other women, fantasizing, porn) to be satisfied with my partner.


Day 85:facepunch::facepunch:
I’m doing this for make my best version.


Because fappers are Crybabies


2 Days 16 Hours

Gaining muscles and gaining hegemony so that I won’t be trampled anymore.


DAY 3:

I am doing this because I want to do something more in my life than just entertaining myself. And PMO takes away my motivation to do that.


DAY 28

I’m doing this to become a Beacon of Hope in this age of decay.


Day 30
I’m doing this to change the way I see the world and in retrospect myself