Who's with me to complete healing

I used to be a chronic masturbator, but my way is slightly different, unlikely of the guys who are here for the 10 daya 21 days or 90 day streaks. Trying to fix themselves, and then putting a ton of stupid advices.
My aim is different.
My aim is ‘Permanence’.
Permanence means, I intend to destroy this pmo and mold it completely in a new and different way, and that to the point where this addiction has no control over me and my life. And for this, I’m not interested in collecting a big herd of sheeps, that just want short term fixes, and easy ways to get to ‘90 days’. I just want strong guys or girls, that are willing to give their everything to end this vicious cycle of addiction, once and for all. About me, all you need to know is that I have failed to the point that I can anticipate relapses, and so I have my tools and strategies to deal with them.
Those who are interested, can reply along with their code and location.
My code is 786460

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If you are a permanent guy why are you here counting your days and looking for companions ?

I’m not yet a permanent guy. If you read that completely, which you haven’t, it said I’m aiming for permanence.

I am with you.
My code 971ff5
I am from india

And Remember i dont want a companion who relapses every now and then.
It should be like permanent thing :sunglasses:

good to know bro. Real men, lift each others up.

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cultivate a mindset that relapsing for now and then isn’t part of my life anymore and reaffirm it every single day.

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Yes, and you need it better than me because you are on day 1.

Count me in
My code is 72358d
im from USA

sure man, I’ve added you too

Count me in. My streak is 0, but I wanna come back on track 2259e7

sure… added you too

i have added you bro. 79b786. i have the same objective.

a5af37 Bring It On :sunglasses: