Who wants to start day 1 with me

Hey there guys

Probably illadvised and the totally messed up idea, but I wanna risk it all to relapse.

I wanna start a new journey too as well as I want someone with me if you are willing and let’s beat nofap again!

I know this ain’t something to play with and also unnecessary, but I wanna restart and push myself a bit further and hope to push someone with me. I wanna make this journey one where I truely can motivate and also where if others read this feel motivated and also see the struggle the challengers face.

2nd of it once a week we have a goal to try and reach by the end of the week togther!

Sorry if you feel offended and I belive this could also open up topics to beat the casher effect and also push you far to beat it too!

Let’s chat about it! Good luck and stay strong and awesome! More details later


Lets start…

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I am on Day 3 after a long time. Do you want me to Reset ?

Let’s do it! It’s good to have at least someone in this journey.

You can also consider join the beastking noFap challenge below:

Around 45 members are already competing there.

Okay thanks everyone for replying and welcome to the challenge!

@nil005, @Powerfulman, @Easymoneysniper and @vedsarkushwaha

Remember you are going to either reset or relapse your counter. It is sad and I don’t want to force a relapse upon any one.

Day one will then be saterday 26 September 2020! That’s when it all begins… So today is the last time for a relapse or reset after that we go for a 90 day goal!

Thanks for the read and support and thanks for the challenge suggestion! Sorry there wasn’t much detail in here when it will start it was kinda a far fetched concept of a challenge.

I wish you all good luck and let’s beat nofap again!

Stay strong , awesome and good luck for the day

Sorry cube. If i reset i will definately binge. I have little trust on my senses. When i see some no. On my counter it boosts my confidence. Again sorry.

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Hey I will compete with you my brother so game on let’s see :wink: who completes it , the 90days nofap

Good bye day 138 and hallo day 0.

Well, to be quite honest this relapse felt very good also it ment quite a lot to me.

This challenge receiving good feed back was kinda like wtf and honestly I thought they would close it down. But seeing comments like let’s start now and let’s do it and let’s go early this morning was truely what I didn’t expect.

Also hence the overdrive and quick reply to start tommorrow Sat 26 Sept 2020 it couldn’t wait until Sunday. I felt pumped to do it.

Also urges was felt troughout the week but it didn’t inspire the challenge or made the challenge to have an excuse to relapse. I want a new perspective and also motivate others through this journey as mentioned.

Truely today revolved around the relapse now and again and well it gave me a the final puzzle I need to tell guys what to do in their journey. I thought about getting home going to my room and relapse. I had several urges and due to me being out on a fishing trip. Well kinda didn’t make any room for me to do it. Hence I thought or planned when and where and felt small excitement.

Also I realised today on how this bad habit truely interrupted my life in how my head wasn’t in conversations as I just wanna get out and watch porn and fap or just at home and alone and bored and just fill the time with this crap… It also like showed me like through this day if I intentionally planned for today to happen did I honestly do it back then too and not really have taken notice thereof?

All I want to highlight out of this is what you truely think when it comes to yourself and fapping is to avoid planning in doing it or give it any thought or attention. It was weird doing it, in such a long time it felt good and I felt actually good upon climax like I never have felt before so truely this is good for sexual health that is for sure.

Like I mentioned as a reason in me doing nofap is I realised porn was messing up my life and I realised I was chasing after the wrong things and played with fire and also I said a person has to grow up to stop chasing fantasies as that is what porn is.

I am glad I can stop porn also I know I risk a lot with porn being readily available with one word and a click. But I am not giving up the battle against it and also not giving it hold in my thoughts! As this is also where our main problem sits is our thoughts.

In 20 min the challenge start then it is Saterday by me in South-Africa and then a new journey day 1 of nofap starts. The risk for bingeing is high and also have to watch out for the chaser effect as to not fall into it’s trap! But I am ready and waiting!

Let’s go and good luck! Let’s fight hard again.
Stay strong and awesome

If it’s possible to join let me know. I am at day 0 now.

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Let’s strt. My streak is 0
Sharing code-daaf29

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You who are starting now, please do not give give up never!

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Welcome @ERNOL and @babi to the challenge!

So our challengers are:


Entries will close by midday tomorrow CAT for time zone compensation.

Good luck guys upon reaching 90 days.

Feel free to post a success-story or have small diary entries if you wish, maybe thoughts tips or questions! Also anyone can share a motivational meme here too in or out of the challenge.

Through these post I wanna empower ourselves and also encourage each other and others to post and also get guys to truely interact on the forum.

Thanks @Marcio for your input in the challenge it is appreciated to motivate us in fighting hard! Yeah I completely am in agreement with you especially when it comes to porn. Don’t give porn any room.

Please guys should you relapse just masterbate. I know I encourage masterbation here, but if you use porn with masterbation in a relapse it will definitely prolong your healing. Sorry, I know this is a very bad topic, but this is the tipe of stuff I wanna adress here as well.

Please let me know if I skipped anyone in the Challengers column I will post a final one tomorrow after entries closed!

Also with some small extra challenges I wanna include that was mentioned don’t worry it will be easy and quick ones like for e.g do 30 push-ups each day of the week. It is optional to try out(so should you not reach it you won’t get disqualified in not reaching it since I know we have hectic days also a lot on the plate to handle too ) it is a help against the urges , any suggestions are welcome!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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Thank you for your commitment to bring US Victory Against Vice. You’re incredible and I’m at your disposal.

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What an honour. Thanks bro! My door is always open for you bro! :muscle:t2::handshake:

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Jipppee guys we made it to day 1.

It was in a way filled with small thoughts here and there to do it again, but I didn’t really allow myself to ponder to long about the thoughts. Whenever I started to think about it and the hardest one was in the shower as I’d normally sometimes did it there all those memories came back and I was super determined to shower fearlessly. I kinda thought I was going to fail at first when I undressed, but quickly shifted my toughts into saying ach just go on like you normally do and you’ll be fine and think nofap.

After the amazing shower it felt like I washed all those thoughts away, didn’t have an urge in the shower I was far less interested into doing it and I fell to the basics in the shower, like not to lool at my member, or to touch it often only when going to wash it. And I occupied my thoughts by singing softly to myself in German especially my all time Favorite Rammstein songs.

I felt chilled and also as mentioned less interested in fapping. Awesome what just a shift of thought could do in these situations.

It was a little bit of a challenge, but it made me realise how difficult it was to start out and yet again the way to go is proven just to shift in your thoughts is all it needs to get you away from failing and kills the doubts you have.

I hope everyone is doing well and good luck on this journey. 1 step down only 89 more to go. Let’s celebrate on beating this step as this will build us up in beating the steps ahead!

Let’s go for it brothers we CAN do it. Stay strong, stay focused and be strong and stay AWESOME!!

A small reminder that entries will close by midday today at Noon (12 pm) central africa time !

Please also confirm if you are on the list of challengers if not please let me know… I will post an final and updated list after entries closed!

Any suggestions or support is also welcome here!

All you have to do to enter is to say your in and optional add your sharing code and sadly reset your counter to start the journey afresh. It is up to you should you feel to relapse and reset or just plain reset. For the next 90 days you can go along with this challenge.

Also if you missed the deadline of today it’s okay I will give entry for today should you have stumbled upon the topic a bit late. But no entries will unfortunately be accepted on Monday 28 Sept 2020. I definitely have to close entries as it wouldn’t make sense if we are on day 3 and you on day 1.

But it is okay and understandable for us being on day 2 and you on day 1 as per time zone compensation. As some places are half a day ahead of other places.

Good luck and welcome any comments memes for motivation, videos or if you need advice is also welcome here! Suggestions on small challenges too.

Please note : **Exclusive to challenge members only small diary entries are welcome here! **

Good luck and thanks for the read and support !

Add me brother : 39xdx5


Welcome to the challenge and good luck!

Okay thanks everyone for replying and for joining!

Unfortunately challenge entries have been closed!

Please all challengers I call upon you to check and confirm that you are on the challenge list!

Thanks very much for the co-operation and welcome and good luck on the journey!